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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 29th

Brendon by Baker and Adams
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Archie in Action

With his Dumb bell swing and burpee combo, Riverdale's KJ Apa works out after a long day in London. Great demonstration on how he keeps Archie Andrews looking so buffed for all those shirtless scenes.

Strip U

It's just about that time for Broadway, and Broadway Bares to shine. June is the month for Broadway Bares Fire Island, (June 3rd) The Tony Awards (June 11th) and Broadway Bares (June 18th). If you haven't checked out this years student bodies of Strip U, what are you waiting for. Many of Broadway's hottest, and most talented men are heading to Strip U for the annual fund raiser stripathon. I profiled my many of my favorites in a post last year which you can check out HERE:

Check out the Broadway Cares Fundraising page HERE: to support your favorite stripping student. I have featured many of the talented actors, singers and dancers on FH including Mark MacKillop who is currently on tour with Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage.

Mark MacKillop on Instagram

Instagrams that Inspire

Back in 2007, in the first month of FH, one of my first faVorite hunks to feature was model and actor Trevor Donovan Neubauer. (HERE:) Although Trevor has since dropped Neubauer from his official credit, the 38 year actor hasn't dropped any of the qualities that make up his considerable appeal.

If you follow Trevor on Instgram, you know that over the past several months, he has been posting a few visual then & now themed shots. Recreating some of his most famous images, including some of his nudes with an updated shot of the same pose. Except for being a bit less blonde, and having bit more facial scruff, Trevor looks as hot, or hotter, than he did when the original was taken. Check them out for yourself on Trevor's Instagram HERE:

Takedown Machine: Brendon by Baker and Adams

'Every so often you run across a guy who’s a real natural in front of the camera. He’s easy to photograph and easy to work with. It doesn’t happen often, but Brendon was one of those guys.'

Every so often I use the word 'complete' in my description of a photographers work. My use of the word is not about degree of nudity, my intent is to describe how fully a particular artist or shoot has captured a model. I have written previously that when I first saw images from Baker and Adams, I was with how skillfully they capture both body and pose with beautiful and unique head to toe depictions of their subjects.

Each set of images that I have featured are full model portfolio's, capturing portraits, fitness, full body and even character themed imagery. In the case of Brendon, that character is that of a high school or college wrestler. It was the wrestling themed images that had me reaching out to Baker and Adams about featuring Brendon.

Brendon has an incredible body, every inch toned and sleek, clearly from a passion and commitment to fitness. The wrestling singlet is not only sexy, it is also a perfect way to highlight Brendon's hard work.  It also represents a sport that symbolizes the intense dedication required to keep a body in fighting form. In wrestling, in order to takedown one's opponent, you don't just physically bring them to the ground, you have to focus on their strengths and weaknesses in order to choose the takedown technique to ensure you land on top.

Brendon is clearly a takedown machine, a model at the top of his game both physically, and mentally. It is visible in his not just his body, but his eyes, which speak to the intensity of his passion and drive. Baker and Adams used their 'tag team' approach, with Baker's focus the leg work and creative side, and Adams as the closer, focusing on the technical and finishing pieces of the team's creative process. It helps, when you have a model like Brendon.

'I like high contrast, deep shadows, translucent highlights and a wide range of tonalities. For the white limbo shots, I lit the white cyc with my strobes and let the light wrap around Brendan from behind. Fill light came from the floor or a nearby 4x8 foam core "V-card". Not only do these large sources light him, but they reflect in his skin to create a wide range of beautiful highlights that reveal subtitles of shape and form.'

'For the other photos, we placed Brendon against the studio wall and used the same white cyc lighting as a soft side light, as if from a large window. I then surrounded Brendan with black foam core sheets to eliminate ambient fill light and make the shadows as dark as possible. They're so dark that, in one of the photos, his white shirt creates a highlight in his skin. I love that kind of rich detail.'

'Brendon was interested in our ideas from the beginning and brought confidence and an open mind to our shoot. With Brendon, we enjoyed a solid collaboration and complete professionalism. Brendon has a natural poise that makes for beautiful yet strong images. Brendon knows how to hold his body and can be tough or sensual depending upon the shot. Brendon understands the photographic process and was patient as changes and tweaks were made to lighting and set up. Such a beautiful guy.'

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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 26th

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Happy Birthday today May 26th

Happy 53rd to musician Lenny Kravitz!

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Penetrating Photos

When you realize no other guest had the word 'naked' added in crayon to their pool party invitation....

Instagrams That Inspire

'Guys with red hair don't have the positive role models that girls do in our culture. A male with red hair is not seen as aspirational, culturally speaking, with very few leading men, heroes, action stars or heartthrobs played by men with red hair in Hollywood or on our TV screens.'

Many of you remember model Ken Bek's sexy tongue out shot on the cover of Thomas Knights' Red Hot. I have been keeping my eye on Ken since the book's release, especially the shots he posts on Instagram. Ken shares images from both his modeling portfolio, and his travels around the globe for his work. He also is prone to yanking down to pants and flashing a little crack when there is a camera around.

Ken by Thomas Knights

Ken by Josh Brandão

Demands of the Terrain: Alexander by Gordon Nebeker

'Sometimes the terrain demands more protection for the feet.'

Each Fall and Spring, photographer Gordon Nebeker drives to and from Florida where he spends his winters. It's a long drive, so to break up the trip, Gordon looks for opportunities to get off the interstate I-95 by scheduling photo shoots along the way. It is a great opportunity to work with models that Gordon might otherwise get to work with in the States that he's passing through. Last year, at around this same time, I featured Gordon's shoot with Mr. Herzog, (In A Nearby Forest...) who he shot during Gordon's 2016 trek back home.

'I had hoped to work again with Mr. Herzog, who I originally found a few years ago on my drive North and have worked with several times since, but this year he had work schedule conflicts and that wasn’t going to be possible. I turned to Model Mayhem as I often do and was fortunate to find Alexander who lived close to where I would be passing through and luckily was available on the day I was hoping to shoot. As I got to know Alex better, I learned he had worked with two photographer friends of mine before, both of whom gave Alex high marks.'

I have been enjoying Alexander's work for awhile now and he most certainly deserves each one of those high marks he received. Alexander has a strong and dynamic portfolio with a focus on body, fitness and pose. I love how dramatic and erotic so many of his images are, a testament to his acting/theatre experience. Many FH readers remember two recent stories featuring Alexander's work with Images Male and MW Photo MD. (Air Pressure | Personal Connections)

Gordon Nebeker
'So off to the woods we went which is one of my favorite environments to work in. We also had access to a very rustic cabin which gave some additional variety to our outdoor shooting locations. I quickly discovered Alexander's theater/acting experience as well as martial arts training so he understands movement and posing well and his body is totally on point. It was a great pleasure to be able to work with him and I was very pleased with the photographs we were able to capture.'

'The weather that day could not have been better. Partly cloudy skies with temps in the mid to high 60’s kept things comfortable. Not really swimming weather though so we were amused when a woman hiker passed by and saw Alex wrapped in a robe. “How was the water?” she asked. Alex mumbled something about not being warm enough for swimming and soon she was off into the woods. Everyone who models or photographs nudes in the great outdoors has their stories to tell of close calls or, in one situation I remember, figuring out very quickly what was going on and she wanted her boyfriend to join in our photographs! Her boyfriend was having none of that and ran away so fast his girl friend had a hard time catching up with him again.'

'I actually ran into a couple individuals on a hike! Thankfully I had my Jedi bathrobe on; one person asked as they were passing by if I was going for a swim; I jokingly said, "it's perfect weather for it, right?" Despite being I believe around 65° that day haha. Thankfully Gordon took pity on me and asked for me to not submerge myself in the cold water. I did, however, nearly fall in once while making my way back to him one time - Only a foot got wet and the sole of that shoe decided to partially fall off haha.'

'I knew going into the shoot what the project was going to be like, and I knew he had specific visions of what he wanted, so it was my job to bring it into reality. Gordon, like most of the photographers I've worked with, encouraged me to give my own input for each series we did. I try to think of something original for each series while keeping in mind how it might look for the camera - sometimes it works, others it doesn't.'

'I have to thanks Wes from NMS who referred to Gordon who I very much enjoyed working. The work we did was nice and relaxed and Gordon was a charming man while also being very professional during our shoot.'

'While I usually try to photograph nudes in nature wearing no footwear. sometimes the terrain demands more protection for the feet. That was the case where we were hiking but I also remembered that ever since my scouting days, I have had a fantasy of guys hiking with nothing on but hiking boots and white socks. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know the answer to that but it pushes all my buttons. Alex looked great in his hiking boots and white socks so I never asked him to take them off. So, if you have a boots/white socks fetish, you will certainly like these photos!'