Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brad O by Walter Kurtz

Favorite Blast from the past. Oct 13th

Christopher Atkins

Christopher Atkins in Dallas

Favorite Type of Pics

Right now I get quite excited over pants pulled down pics. Just something about them...

Pants Pulled Down

One of my favorite themes, and angles in which to photograph of the male form.

Favorite Classic tv stars: Oct 13th MINDY COHN

It was her humour and the fact she was not like the other girls, more sensitive or what, but Mindy Cohn was my favorite facts of life girl. Mindy should be working more in Hollywood, she was a great second banana and had line delivery second to none.

Favorite Surprise Nudity October 13th

Got to love it when you check out the net on a guy you love and find he has done nudity. Christopher Meloni had a ton of nude scenes on the HBO series OZ.

Surprise Nudity: Christopher Meloni

Favorite Sports Guy of the Week:

If you have not watched the Stade France DVD's your missing a lot. I now love RUGBY! You should know I am not into porn, I have no desire to see anyone going at it except myself, but a great pic of a great guy, that is a different story. Current fave is Sergio Parisse, but it changes weekly, so stay tuned!

Sergio Parisse

Favorite Celebrity I used to love but now Hate

Tom Cruise:

Ahhh, the volleyball scene in Top Gun, The peek at the good in All The Right Moves, not to mention taps and those jean shorts in Endless love. Tom Cruise seemed like a good guy, great smile, loved his mom, that bod, the nineties were full of Tom dreams. Then...well, from Oprah to Katie Holmes to Scientology through his attitude about mental health not to mention other things, Tom Cruise, his movies and life hold about as must interest to me today as ringworm. But, oh those nineties!

Tom Cruise

Favorite Hunks of the Day:

Nothing better than water drops glistening off your Favorite Hunks

Anne's Emmy Win

This is one of the scenes Anne Heche submitted for her Emmy win. Of of many awards she won for her role on Another World

Favorite: Soap Stars of the Past

I have not watched a soap opera in years, (unless you count Grey's Anatomy). When I was a kid, I would get home from school, get my snack and do my homework in the livingroom as my mom chained smoked her way through daytime soaps, mostly those on NBC. For awhile after I followed some of my favorites, until I moved on, moved out and did not have the time to devote to watching the soaps.

One of my mothers favorite shows was Another World. I watched on and off for years, although did not catch the shows last 4 or 5 years. In the late 80's and early 90's I watched in awe at Anne Heche in her dual role as Vicky and Marley love. Anne was a powerhouse on the show, for a couple of years, the producers obviously centered the show around her and her twin roles. She was amazing to watch, a spitfire playing the good and the bad. She left after about 4 years and it was obvious she was headed to Hollywood and more success. Her personal life aside, this woman could and can act the pants off anyone, and I hope one day she gets to show the world what she showed the viewers of Another World.

Favorite Soap Star of the Past for the week: ANNE HECHE

Favorite Current Television Hottie


-See below for why-

More Justin Photos Here:

Favorite Current Television Show

Grey's Anatomy

Yes, last season sucked! Seeing George with Izzy was stomach turning. I loved George until the whole Washington/T.R Knight fiasco. Somehow dispite wanting to side with T.R I got turned off him and his character. He was not meant to be the stud of the show. That title belongs to Alex. Justin Chambers is amazing, and knowing he is the father of 5 is even all the more sexy.


I have been posting pictures of my Favorite Hunks for years in my groups, but thought it was time to expand to the world of blogging and subjects beyond my Favorite Hunks. Enjoy!