Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Favorite Pic of the Day: Another

Had to add this pic!

Favortie Terra Guy for the Day: Ricardo Facchini

Got to love those Terra Boys!
Today's guy: Ricardo Facchini

More Pics of Ricardo Facchini Here:

Favorite Underwear of the Day: Red

It is a Red Letter Day!

Favorite Male Model of The Day: Brad Kroenig

SuperModel Brad Kroenig

Many have scene his runway surf board nudes (see below).
More of this event here:

Favorite Sports Guy of the Day: Sebastian Kehl

Soccer Superstar Sebastian Kehl

Sebastian is a great Soccer player, but might be best known for his pop-out video.
(shown Below).

More Sabastian Here:

Sebastian Kehl Video

Favorite Pic of the Day: Oct 16th

Favorite Current Television Hottie: Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch was a model and now actor current onscreen in Friday Nights Lights. Also known for his roles in The Covenant, Snakes On A Plane and John Tucker Must Die.
I am mid-way through my DVD's of season 1 of Friday Night Lights and am hoping season 2 ratings pick up to ensure it stays on awhile.

More Taylor Pics Here:

Favorite Birthday Boy for Oct 16th: John Mayer

John Turns 30 today.
John is also my Favorite Was not, but now is hot guy.

Also Celebrating today:

-Kellie Martin so great in her last episode of ER and from Life Goes On turns 32


Flea turns 45
Tim Robbins turns 49
Suzanne Somers turns 61
and Angela Lansbury turns 82

Pic Series of the Day: Oct 16th