Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pic Of the Day: Oct 17th

It is almost cold enough for snow here! I love Winter!!!

Favorite Blast From The Past: Oct 17th Miles O'Keeffe

MILES O'KEEFFE: Best remembered for Tarzan the Ape Man.

Tarzan Trailor

Favorite Television Show I never watched til DVD.

I rarely watch tv when it airs, except maybe a few reality shows. I cannot commit to a weekly schedule and get bored with the epsiodes only once per week. I do however love TV on DVD. Last season I had little interest in Brothers and Sisters. Not sure I wanted an hour of Sally Field a week, not to mention Claista Flockhart, whom I never really took to. I did decide to give the DVD's a shot due to a friend reccomendations and my love for Rachel Griffiths whom I loved on Six Feet Under. Well, guess what I love it! I am actually really enjoying Sally and Claista, yet somewhat bored with Rachel's character, although I think the writers made a mistake writing out her tv husband played so well by John Pyper-Ferguson. It can be sappy, but it is very well written and actually one of the funniest shows on the air today. Most of the laughs are due to the dry humour of the writers and Matthew Rhys who you cannot help but love. The Game Night episode with Guests Susan Sullivan and Jenna Elfman from Dharma and Greg was a stand out. Give it a look see.

Brothers and Sisters: The Brothers

Balthazar Getty: The oldest brother, an interesting character. Balthazar was a teen star in the 90's, remember him in Lord of the Flies?

So cute Dave Annable. Not enjoying him as much this year, loved his struggles with women and drugs in the early episodes.

Matthew Rhys: My favorite, amazing comic abilites.

Brothers and Sisters Co-Stars

Rob Lowe (So Hot in About Last Night) is back as Kitty's man.

Jason Lewis was so hot in Sex and The City, but was sort of dud on Brothers and Sisters.

Luke MacFarlane is back for a few episodes this season.

Eric Winter is hot, lets hope he returns soon. All depends on whether his series Viva Laughlin lasts long. (Which is doubtful)

Favorite Photographyer of the Week: John Andresen

Check Out John's Site HERE:

Pic Series of the Day: Oct 17th

Favorite Birthday Boy of The Day: EMINEM

EMINEM turns 35

Also Celebrating Today:

George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) turns 59, "Hey Norm!"

Margot Kidder (Lois Lane and Wonderful Looney) Turns 59

Also celebrating today:
Nick Cannon Turns 27
Chris Kirkpatrick turns 36
Norm MacDonald turns 44

Favorite: Soap Stars of The Past: Beth Maitland

Beth Maitland has been been playing Traci Abbott on and off on The Young and The Restless since the early 80's. She was not your typical soap star, overweight and insecure. Some powerful stuff that won Beth an Emmy in 1985. She also got to marry Don Diamont...twice.

Two Traci Scenes

Two BETH MAITLAND scenes, both with the wonderful TRACEY BREGMAN (Lauren Fenmoore)