Saturday, October 27, 2007

Favorite New Terra Guy: Michael Horta

From the Boy:

Favorite Trio of the Day:

Hottest American Idols Top Ten!

American Idol is not known for it's great looking guys, but here are my 10 favorites. This list is not just looks but combo of looks and talent. Some I like just because, and some it is strictly appearances. They are in alphabetical order, and not in the order of my favorites. Whom are your faves??? Vote for your favorite at the top right of the blog.

Fleeting eye candy in season 2, JD Adams left too quickly, his audition in the semi finals was better than most.

Even though Clay Aiken is presently a public mess and bugging the shit out me, this guy can belt out a song like no other and I routed for him hard in season 2. Hope he can pull his act together.

Chris Daughtry from Season 5 was simply smokin

Might Have been the scar, or the way he filled out the back of his jeans, but season 4's Anthony Fedorov was ok with me.

Fedorov on Fear Factor

Season 3's Jon Peter Lewis, something about him, especially when he danced.

Season 3 semi finalist Matthew Metzger. Not a powerful voice, but better than almost any of the guys who passed him into the finals.

One Life To Live caps from SoapHunks

Season 6 cutie Chris Richardson, I was not a huge fan of his voice, but he was huggable without a doubt.

A Fake for sure, but a nice one still.

Travis Tucker was a semi finalist in season 4, cute smile and seemed like a nice guy. Should have passed Scott Savol and gone to the finals.

Elliot Yamin (Season 5) Man not your typical hunk for sure, but when he sang, especially Moody Mood for Love, I was hooked.

Ace Young, (Season 5) not the greates singer, but pretty cute, even if he does say so himself...

Favorite Blast From The Past: Greogry Harrison

Gregory Harrison has been gracing tv screens since the early 80's. It is no wonder with his face, that dark curly hair and that amazing chest of his! He is also a pretty decent actor who after having roles in Trapper John MD and Falcon Crest has mostly only been seen in tv movies. His most famous turn has got to be playing a male stripper in the made for tv movie, For Ladies Only. Wonder if it is on DVD yet...

Gregory Harrison in For Ladies Only

This clip from For Ladies Only is over 5 minutes long, but has a few hot scenes with Harrison.

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for Oct 27th JKelly Coffee

Favorite TV Slut of the Day: Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray is a pretty good actor. He had good turns on Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls before starring in the 'been on too long' One Tree Hill. Murray is a tv slut who has slept with most of the female characters on the WB before it shut down. He has a body made for sex, and he certainly seems to know it. He is an internet fav it seems, but he is a bit overexposed and seems a bit too cocky for me. Not that I would kick him out right away...

Pic of the Day: October 27th

Favorite Australia Big Brother Guy: Dino Delic

Yeah, Jamie had the package, but Dino has the goods!

Favorite US Big Brother Guy: Will Kirby

Thanks to Dreamcaps poster ama78guy who reminded me of the beautiful chest of Evil Dr. Will Kirby!

Thanks to Hellboy Jr For this cap.

Will Changing into his Calvins