Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Countdown!

25 days!!!

Favorite Pic of the Day: November 30th

Favorite Birthday Boy for Nov 30th Gael Garcia Bernal

Actor Gael Garcia Bernal turns 29 today.

Also Celebrating Today: November 30th

Clay Aiken, who I hope gets his crap together and just goes out and sings with that great voice of his, turns 29 today. (Dear Clay, stay off the net, stop the Diva behavior and release another cd.)

Cutie Ben Stiller turns 42 today.

Singer Billy Idol turns 52 today.

Actor and Singer Mandy Patinkin turns 55 today. (Is he as difficult to work with as most claim...?)

Tom Boonen Redux

Yet More pics of my favorite cyclist Tom Boonen.