Sunday, June 1, 2008

Favorite Male Model Of The Day: Alex Schultz

Before I go forward with the pics of the amazing Alex Schultz, let me first say that for me, I usually get more ‘excited’ seeing a full frontal of a male model than an actor. The reasons are numerous, but mainly because male models for the most part sell one thing, sex. Yes, some are there selling products, but for the most part, models fit the current stereotype of whatever is considered sexually attractive about a man. Actors do this as well, but not to the same degree. There are actors of every size, shape and look depending on the part, but for the most part your male models are tall, lean with a great face and body.

When looking at a male model, usually ones mind goes to sex, and what they look like naked. Most male models show almost everything, but most usually stop at the penis. They show their faces, chests, backs, butts and pubes, but few show the full Monty. I am sure there are many reasons for this, but one I am sure is that once the penis is flashed, the model goes from being an object of fantasy to being part of reality, and product selling is all about the fantasy.

I will never forget some of the posts when Brad Kroenig had his runway surfboard pictures all over the net. I was shocked at all the comments critical of his penis size. Firstly, I thought Brad’s penis looked just fine, thank you very much, but secondly, I think as stated earlier, models are set forth as perfection, so many used the opportunity of his full exposure to knock him off the perfection pedestal. You can bet most who wrote those comments were sporting a thimble between their legs, and were thrilled to bash something in another they hate about themselves.

I for one am not into penis size. Personally, not that you care, I prefer average to slightly smaller than average. I have no feelings of admiration for those with large ones as someone who is all about their big dick, usually is one. For the most part, most of the male celebrities and models I find attractive, I would rather see a good butt shot than a full frontal anyway. But...that is just me.

I say all this because Alex has shown his penis, and already I have seen the slams on other sites. Yes it is true, Alex once a sexual mystery is now fully seen, but to me, I love the reality of seeing it all, and think he is even hotter. So before the nudes for a Tom Ford ad campain, lets look at Alex in all his hottest.

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