Saturday, July 5, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 5th

Theo Tams singing Collide

Last week I posted a video of Theo singing on Canadian Idol, here is the Collide song I mentioned. I love Howie Day's version, but actually prefer this one. Hope Theo goes a long way!

Favorite Birthday Boy for July 5th Alberto Gilardino

Hot as hell Alberto Gilardino makes me wonder why Beckham gets all the attention. Alberto is an amazing athlete and an amazing looking man. Alberto turns 26 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for July 5th Steffen Wink

Beautiful German Actor Steffen Wink turns 41 today.

Also celebrating today July 5th

Also celebrating today July 5th

Rugby's Lionel Gautherie turns 26 today.

Cutie Jason Wade from Lifehouse turns 28 today.

Katherine Erbe, who I don't watch on Criminal Intent turns 42 today. I did get to know Katherine's work from her incredible chilling turn on OZ. She was amazing on that show!

I am also someone who prefered Edie Falco during her time on OZ. Great on the Sopranos yes, but Diane on OZ was a wonderfully written character. Edie turns 45 today.

Actress Katherine Helmoond hit a comedy hat trick with three great roles on Soap, Who's The Boss and Everybody Loves Raymond. Katherine turns 80 today.

Above: Katherine and her husband David Christian from 1978

Favorite Pic Series of the Day for July 5th

Although fall is my favorite time of year, summer has it's perks. Most of the year, As I drive through town, I see sites like the guy above, but for a couple of months in the summer the view takes a pleasant turn.

Well, don't see this much...