Monday, August 4, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 4th

Favorite Birthday Boy for August 4th Timothy Adams

Actor Timothy Adams, known to many for his roles on Sunset Beach, turns 41 today.

Timothy's site found HERE:

Also Celebrating Today August 4th

Also celebrating today August 4th

Rugby's Jean-Philippe Grandclaude turns 26 today.

Supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg turns 40 today.

Actor Fabio Fulco turns 38 today.

Lost hottie Daniel Dae Kim turns 40 today.

Actor James Tupper turns 43 today.

Billy Bob Thornton turns 53 today.

Top 10 Walk Aways!

The Walk Away: We all love them. It is used in movie after movie. A safe way to get a hot male actor naked. Usually it is an actor getting out of bed, but there are different variations. This particular scene of a guy walking naked away from the camera has been a staple, and there are thousands of various caps. Here are my top 10 walk aways. For this list I stuck mostly to American Movies, and some of the most well known. Although the list could change on a dime, here are my top 10 walk aways for today. Please let me know any others that should have been added.

#10 What was so shocking about this was, besides the brief frontal of JP was I never thought I would ever see 'Brandon' naked. Jason Priestly in Calender Girl.

#9 I loved Steve Guttenbergs walk away in The Bedroom Window.

#8 Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse

#7 Even though he showed his whole ass in a few scenes, this was a favorite of Kevin Zegers in Transamerica.

#6 Rob Lowe in YoungBlood

#5 Wes Ramsey's cute tushie in Latter Days.

#4 Billy Zane in Dead Calm

Top 3 Walk Aways

And Finally:

#3 Jude Law at his absolute hottest in Wilde.

#2 The Oh so beautiful behind of Ryan Phillipe in 54.

#1 Of course, I have posted versions of this scene many times, it certainly is a classic, Casper Van Dien's glorious backside in Starshipp Troopers

Favorite New Terra Guy: Edilson Nascimento

Model Edilson Nascimento is Terra's new the boy. OH MY!