Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 7th

Something interesting about this guy!

Favorite Underwear of the Day:

Without a doubt this pair worn by Nick Adams yesterday during the 2xist runway show in honor of National Underwear Day.

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for August 7th Randy Wayne

Actor Randy Wayne turns 27 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for August 7th David Duchovny

I find something magical and completely irresistible about David Duchovny, besides is great looks, I think it is his intellegence combined with devilish smile. David turns 48 today.

Also Celebrating Today August 7th

Happy Birthday Also today to:

Sidney Crosby turns 21 today.

Australian football's Andrew Mackie turns 24 today.

Rugby's Juan Martin Hernandez turns 26 today. (More pics of Juan last month as I made a mistake with his birthday).

Flash Gordon and Smallville cutie Eric Johnson turns 29 today.

Newman!!! Actor Wayne Knight turns 53 today.

The Brilliant John Glover turns 64 today.

Big Brother Update: Is he going tonight...

My Jesse confuses me, at some times the past few weeks I wanted him GONE, but tonight I hope Memphis walks out the door. Jesse is far more interesting to watch. Last night he stood by Michelle by wearing his on unitard (See Below). Oh if only someone puts up one of the coven next week!

Favorite Celebrity Butt Crack of the Day: Jesse McCartney

Jesse, who is moving nicely from teen heart throb to adult perfomer and writer gets a little help from a friend.


Favorite Photographer of the Day: Jeff Slater

San Francisco photographer Jeff Slater has an amazing talent to set a mood with his shots. When looking at his work, each photo speaks to me not only about the subject, but the photos also say much about the surroundings and tell a story about each model photographed. Slater does this quietly with light and location, and of course picking the perfect shot of the model and their expression to match the location and action. Slater has taken many shots of models Allen and James Clippinger and they are great examples of his work. To me the shots of the brothers with the female model are works of art, classy, professional and yet emensely sensual. Check on the link to Jeff's site below:

First off James, whose freckles I quite enjoy!


These pics of James and Allen together are amazing. Extremely sensual and beautifully shot.

Jeff Slater's Official Site Found HERE: