Sunday, October 5, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 5th

If anyone can identify this beautiful model, please give me a shout!

Favorite Birthday Boy for October 5th Guy Pearce

Actor Guy Pearce, oh so hot, oh so talented! Guy turns 41 today.

2 Other Favorites celebrating today October 5th

Spainish hottie Francisco Bosch who turns 26 today. is simply stunning. This dancer turned actor got his break when he was ecommended to Oliver Stone for "Alexander" by the film's choreographer. Find out more about Francisco at his website found HERE:

Francisco in "Alexander"

Beautiful Italian actor Giorgio Lupano turns 39 today.

Birthday Bonus: Travis Wolfe for Nicky O Hotel

No it is not Travis Wolfe's birthday, but it is Nicky Hilton's who turns 25 today. I am not a big Hilton fan, but I do have to thank Nicky for her Nicky O Hotel promotions which featured Travis naked in the campain. Travis is one of the hottest guys around, some of you may know him from his sex tape with Jenna from Survivor. Some claim that was a pubicity stunt, but either way lets hope Travis moves beyond it to get more mainstream modelling work.

'The Houseboy' with Nick May

Last week I caught 'The Houseboy' written and directed by Spencer Lee Schilly. I would highly suggest you go rent it, or buy it. (Or wait a month or two and watch it over the Christmas holidays as it is 'sort of' Holiday themed). The story centers on Ricky (Nick May) who is the houseboy for a couple in their thirties. Prior to the couple leaving for Christmas vacation, Ricky overhears them talking about getting a new 'toy' for Christmas. This sets forth the story of Ricky and his search for belonging and love not to mention a plan to commit suicide at Christmas.

Nick May was completely enchanting in this story, showing both Ricky's pain, and to me his joy as he goes about looking for belonging. Besides being completely adorable (with an amazing ass which gets lots of screen time), Nick's story is one many I am sure can relate to. Much credit goes to Spencer Lee Schilly who plants Nick and his pain in almost a Christmas wonderland setting with colorful lights, Christmas decorations and dozens and dozens of animals from hamsters to rabbits, cats and colorful fish tanks. The thrust of bright colors and the Holiday season contrast with the story in a very effective way. I really enjoyed this movie. Besides a wonderful storyline and great performances, there is lots of skin for those who want it, from the guys Ricky meets on his journey. Check out some of the links for Nick and 'The Houseboy' below.

Great Interview with Nick May HERE:
Houseboy Myspace page found HERE:
Nick May's Myspace page HERE: