Saturday, October 25, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 25th

Favorite Birthday Boys for October 25th

Some favorites blowing out candles today:

Actor and musician Oliver Goodwill has one of the sexiest and most beautiful faces! Oliver turns 26 today.

Actor Josh Henderson, who just speaks sex to me turns 27 today.

Actor Dan Wells turns 33 today.

Also celebrating today October 25th

Also celebrating today October 25th

Actor Zachary Knighton who many of you many know from the remake of 'The Hitcher' turns 30 today.

Finnish Sprinter Markus Pöyhönen turns 30 today. (Search the site for more on Markus).

Actor Adam Pascal, who many of you know from Rent turns 38 today.

Last years favorite birthday boy, the mega talented actor Tom Eplin turns 48 today.

A favorite of mine, Brian Kerwin (who BTW I am working on for my next Blast From the Past post) turns 59.

I loved Marion Ross on Happy Days, and loved her in the many appearances she has made since including playing the Grandmothers on Gilmore Girls and Brothers and Sisters. Mrs C turns 80 today.

Favorite Pic Series of the Day: LondonPete by Dylan Rosser

I have been taken recently with model and actor LondonPete. LondonPete is a german model working out of London and has one of the most soulful faces, not to mention great behinds I have seen photographed. I hope to find out more about this fasinating guy, but you can find out a bit more about him at his ModelMayhem page found HERE:

Now, after I discovered LondonPete, I was pleasantly surprised to find out he had a series of pics taken by one of my favorite photographers, Dylan Rosser. Dylan's shots of LondonPete are not just sexy and erotic, but beautifully sexy and beautifully erotic, not all photographers are able to mix the two. LondonPete and Dylan created a series of pics which are works of art. I highly recommend if you have not checked out Dylan's sites, to check them out. His fee is very reasonable and the shots are well worth it. You can find Dylan's main site HERE: and LondonPete appears on the X-posed site. Below are some of the shots by Dylan Rosser.

Favorite Classic Soap Hunk of the Day: Mark Collier

Ok Blog readers, one of you really should have given me the heads up about Mark Collier! A couple of weeks ago, I was on the couch doing some reports for work when CSI Miami began. I usually HATE any CSI, especially Miami (Could be that I think Emily Protor is the most annoying actress ever to be on television) but the opening scene had this hottie with dark hair back in the Everglades, so I watched for awhile. Getting on Google the actor was none other than Mark Collier, whom I am sure many of you know from his time on 'As The World Turns'. Well after watching some you tubes and checking out the many sites on Mark, I am officially smitten! Check out Mark's official Site HERE:

It is Still Rosie's View!

I still do not admit to many I watch the View. I never really watched an episode until Rosie O’Donnell joined the show a couple of years ago. Although Rosie evokes strong emotions from some, I was a big fan of her stand up and her tv and movie roles. I really LOVED her in ‘Beautiful Girls’ with a show stopping performance in a flawed by sweet movie.

Lately the View is getting harder and harder to watch. I actually never watch it when it is on, I am at work, but I tivo and watch it late at night. Usually I turn it off after hot topics as the rest of the show is pretty dull for the most part. But hot topics is fun. When Rosie was on, hot topics was not to be missed. Her emotions got the best of her when an issue she was passionate about was discussed, and the arguments that came from that, particularly with Elizabeth were a hoot.

When Rosie left, I did as well. As much as I love and admire Whoopi, and she does do a great job of remaining calm throughout the circus, there was an obvious attempt to make the ladies all sugar and sweet after Rosie left which made the show yet again a snooze fest. Well, with the election going on right now, sparks are again flying daily, and it is great to watch again. Except....

Except when Barbara Walters is on. She ruins the dynamic in the same way parents coming home early can wreck sex. Barbara feels the need to have the ladies behave and act like friends. They obviously are not, no matter how hard they try to convince us they are. Yes, it is obvious Joy is enjoying having Whoopi on board, they tour together and seem to think alike on many issues. Yes Elizabeth and Sherri appear to be friendly, and have gotten together with their kids (As did Rosie and Elizabeth early on) but they are not all friends. Why can’t Walters keep her trap shut. After every fight Walters has to give a speech about how women can argue and still love one another. Well Barbara baby, I think at least 2, maybe 3 of the former co-hosts who have left would argue that to be false. It is fine if they don’t like each other, most of us work with people we do not like. But, we can still work together and do a good job. That is what the show should be preaching, women can argue and not like each other but still stick together and get the job done. Her need to convince the audience how bonded they are is a lie and hovers over the show, giving it a fake dishonesty which is why the show does not get more respect. And why I like many refuse to admit it is a guilty pleasure.

I was a bit shocked after an argument last week, Whoopi gave a speech ala Babs about the women and referenced the Starr Jones/Rosie years. Elizabeth had to get a jibe in about how she has tried to block that period out. Not so fast Lizzie dear. I am not one of those who wants you off the show, without you it would not be so good, and the sparks so enjoyable to watch, but to me without Rosie on the View, you would not be getting the attention you now do. Yes I know Elizabeth was an active part of the Republican party pre Rosie, but the attention Rosie brought to that show, and the passion it brought out of Elizabeth helped push her being more than the blonde at the end of the table she was before. Elizabeth should be thanking Rosie for helping her keep her job as she is now a huge part of the shows dynamic, something that happened when Rosie joined the show. I have actually been feeling bad for Elizabeth lately for as much as Barbara claims to be neutral (Paleeze) it is obvious the Elizabeth is all alone with her views, with the other 4 all thinking for the most part differently. They gang up on her from time to time, something that did not happen when Rosie was on. Back then they just ducked for cover.

Joy to should thank Rosie (I like Joy, but her ego got in the way when Rosie was on the show. She so obviously hated anyone who credited Rosie for giving the show a shot in the arm). I don’t think Joy would be on Larry King quite so often if the View had not taken on the role of Political showcase. Again, something Joy, Barbara and Bill Gedde can thank Rosie for.

So Rosie is gone from the View, but it is still her show. She is as big a part of the show now as she ever was. From the political and more topical conversations through the giveaways and Broadway Performances, it is still Rosie’s View and the rest of the ladies should be grateful to her for it.