Saturday, November 1, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 1st

I LOVE this pic by Leslie Kee. So simplistic. Despite many who may first look at this guys ass, I was drawn instantly to his face and eyes. My research has not been able to locate the name of the model though. Anyone know who this hottie is? You can see more of Kee's work HERE:

Favorite Birthdays for November 1st

Favorite Birthdays for November 1st

I miss Penn's long hair, but he is still a favorite. Penn Badgley who is not only hot but a great actor turns 22 today.

Also Celebrating today November 1st

Chad Lindberg turns 32.
Bo Bice turns 33.
One of my favorite Actress's, Toni Collette turns 36 today.

Hey Simon: Leave this Kid Alone!

All you American Idol fans remember Josiah Leming. Never has the show exploited the backstory of a singer (except maybe Scootergirl) and then not put them through to the top 24. Well Idol did. They heavily covered Josiah and his plight, living in his car and the emotion and tears that he went through during the audition process. They felt he was not ready, but others disagreed. Now with his record, "Angels Undercover" about to come out in early 2009, Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment are trying to block it. Simon, suck it up! Yes you have a contract, but this is the first time someone who did not make the top 24 got a deal and is close to making money that is not going directly in your pocket. Just remember Simon, your show is still #1, but slowing losing viewers each year. You run the risk of making many angry as Josiah was a crowd favorite. You also run the risk of making a few singers think twice about auditioning if your going to bully those you chose to reject. Go Josiah, I look forward to your music!

Favorite Pic Series Of The Day:

Not sure why, or maybe I do...but I find this series of pics of Brazilian actor Sergio Marone to be incredibly hot!!!

Favorite Brothers of the Day: Brian & Travis Davenport

There are many brothers working in the modeling world. Travis and Brian Davenport are certainly two of the busiest brothers working. Both are represented by MajorModel Management and you can check out more about them HERE:



Travis backstage and on the runway.

Favorite New Hottie Of The Day: Landon B Taylor

Landon B Taylor from Las Vegas is simply stunning. With a beautiful body, great face, especially his nose. Landon has been photographed by many of my favorite photographers and the results are stunning.

My favorite pics of Landon were taken by the amazing photographer Josh Thompson. You can find out more about Josh at his Myspace page found HERE: