Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 11th

Lest We Forget

Lets hope and pray that there will not be more men and women to remember and those currently far from home return quickly and safely.

Favorite Birthdays for November 11th

Favorite Birthday Boys for November 11th

Italian Rugby stud Gonzalo Canale turns 26 today.

Leonardo Dicaprio turns 34 today.

Adam Beach turns 36 today.

Actor Tyler Christopher turns 36 today.

Tommy from 'Alice' Philip McKeon turns 44 today.

Wrestler Monty Sopp (Billy Gunn) turns 45 today.

Something about Stanley Tucci I find very adorable! Stanley turns 48 today.


Favorite Hunks is moving! Tyler Kenyon is getting ready for the move, and you should to. I will post the new addy on the weekend when we officially move. Also, the results of the first anniversary poll will be revealed. Stay tuned for the new addy for more Favorite Hunks and Other Things!

Favorite Electrician of the Day: Marc Bartolomeo

Hailing from New York, the 'oh so hot' Marc Bartolomeo worked many years as an electrician before being entered into an underwear contest in the early 90's. Though Marc did not win, it did lead him into meeting his agents who got him started in the world of modeling. After working in the business for awhile, Marc went back to electrical work until he was pulled back into the lime light working on TLC's "In a Fix" in 2004. Check out Marc's official site HERE: BTW: It was with great restraint I resisted all the jokes about sockets and 'light my' that ran through my head while doing this post...:)

Favorite Male Model of the Day: Ashtyn Long

Image from David Vance

The beautiful face you see above is that of 23 year old Ashtyn Long. This Tennessee native now living in Florida is making a splash in the modeling world, and with his look it is easy to see why. When researching beautiful Ashtyn I was amazed at the amazing photographers who he has worked with. Initially reluctant to enter the world of modeling, Ashtyn is now firmly planted in the business and is gracing magazine covers as well as sites all over the net. What most struck me about Ashtyn besides his great face was his attitude. He exhibits such confidence, which is incredibly hot. Ashtyn has an AMAZING Myspace page you really need to check out with tons of pictures, videos and lots of info on the amazing guy. Thanks for sharing with us Ashtyn!!!

Ashtyn by Adam Bouska.

Ashtyn by the brillant David Vance.

Ashtyn by Enigmatic Photographic

Ashtyn by Sandro Bross.

Ashtyn by vintpop photo.