Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 3rd

Favorite Birthday Boy for December 3rd Brendan Fraser

Actor Brendan Fraser has been a favorite of mine since 'School Ties'. Brendan turns 40 today.

Other Favorites Celebrating today December 3rd

Happy Birthday also today to:

Who knew 'Jack's' son on 'Will and Grace' would grow up to be such an accomplished actor, and so cute! Actor Michael Angarano turns 21 today.

Love Bruno Campos who turns 35 today.


Favorite Out-Take of the Day: Dominic Cooper

I became a fan of Dominic Cooper after seeing his performance in 'The History Boys'. What a pleasant surprise to see these pics from a cut scene from Mamma Mia! (Thanks to the orginial poster who shared the pics!). So hot!

Favorite Import of the Day: Dima Bilan

There is something so hot about 27 year old Russian pop star Dima Bilan. Bilan represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with "Never Let You Go", finishing second, and he won the contest in 2008, with the song "Believe" (See video below).

Even as a young boy, all around him were aware of his remarkable musical abilities. Dima began participating in singing contests while still in school and his focus on his music led him to huge success. Dima has continued to release music and has branched out to tv and acting recently. His openess to showcasing his huge sex appeal has only added to his fan base. You can check out his official website HERE:

Dima's great 'Believe' video.

End of an Era

The axe is hitting soaps hard. Big named soap stars are being given their walking papers, or being asked to take pay cuts big time lately. It is really no wonder, they can blame the economy, the lack of viewers, but really I hope someone finally see's before it is too late that one of the keys is the really poor writing.

I have not watched any daytime soap in awhile, but I do have fond memories of The Young and The Restless years ago. That was a time when Brad was romancing Traci, Lauren and Ashley and was frequently shirtless or in a speedo. The firing of Don Diamont is notable as Don is without a doubt the all time king of soap hunks. The Young and The Restless slaps viewers in the face daily lately by cutting most of it's core families (The beloved Abbott's are virtually gone) and female viewers must find it hard to see that almost all the men, mostly over 50 are running around with women in their 20's and 30's. What female viewer enjoys that shoved down their throats... At one time Brad was attracted to the insecure overweight Traci Abbott (Played so well by Beth Maitland). But Beth and Traci are no more, today, the writers can only put Brad and other other older men on the show with pencil thin actress's with questionable acting skills, though great hair... Maybe the cuts are a good thing, but I would suggest keeping the actors and if cleaning house and cutting costs must start, begin with the writers.

Thanks for the memories Don!