Thursday, December 25, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 25th

I love Christmas! I also know that Christmas has little to do with the way retailers try to shove it down our throats. Christmas to me is like life, a series of moments. Christmas can also be a very difficult time for some, those who are ill, those oversea's in the name of peace, those who have lost loved ones, those struggling with finances, those who are alone.
I hope for you all, as I deal with my dysfunctional, yet strangly loving family, a Christmas moment. Whether it is a day full of moments, or just one small moment, whether your surrounded by family and friends, or alone with the computer. Find a moment, snow falling, a walk outside, a laugh, your favorite Christmas movie, calling a friend, what ever it is, please do find your Christmas moment.

Favorite Pic Series Of The Day:

Thought I would share some of my Holiday Photos...

Favorite Birthday Boy for December 25th Gary Sandy

I am not sure anybody (except maybe those Duke boys) filled out a pair of jeans on tv as well as the talented Gary Sandy who turns 63 today.

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for December 25th Jon Carlos Londono

It is now a tradition that Christmas means Jon Carlos Londono, my favorite of the holiday themed pictorials. Jon Carlos Londono (Playgirl, Holiday 1991).

Guy Most Wanted Under the Christmas Tree: Brock Harris

I have been reading a lot about model Brock Harris lately, who certainly made a splash with his recent cover of 'Tutu' magazine which was photographed by Randall Mesdon. Brock is using his amazing body and classic face to create some beautiful images, both strong and classy. Brock is a Music Theatre student and modeling on the side, but it seems to me that as hot as he is as a model, it is inevitable that his face belongs on the big screen in the future. Brock is represented by Renegade Models if your looking to book or check out more of him.