Sunday, December 28, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 28th

Favorite Birthday Boys for December 28th

4 favorites (all 4 of whom I have done previous posts about) celebrate today December 28th

Actor Thomas Dekker turns 21 today.

German Actor Sven Waasner turns 29 today.

Saturday Night Live's Seth Myers turns 35 today.

Actor Alex Dimitriades turns 35 today.

Also Celebrating today December 28th

Also celebrating today December 28th

Actor Adam Gregory turns 21 today.

Australian model and television presenter Scott McGregor turns 28 today.

Retired Australian tennis hottie Patrick Rafter turns 36 today. (I wish I had a job where I could retire in my thirties...)

Fitness model, bodybuilder, author, and former Playgirl model Frank Sepe turns 37 today.

I love Malcolm Gets who turns 44 today.

Actor Denzel Washington turns 54 atoday.

Artist, Model and Photographer Peter Berlin turns 66 today.