Monday, February 23, 2009

Model Of The Day: David Oliver

David Oliver only came on the scene a short while ago, but what a splash he has made. Photographed by some of the world's best photographers, he has got more attention the past month or two than many models who have been around a lot longer. It is not hard to see why, there is just something so appealing about David. Between his face, with his great mouth, his bod and that amazing tattoo David Oliver is here to stay. Check out more of David at Red Models HERE:

Name : David Oliver
Height : 6′0″
Hair : light brown
Eyes : Green/brown
Waist : 30

David by Idris + Tony.

David by Jeremy Kost. If you do not know Jeremy's work, check out his amazing site, I really like his work. You can find his site

Some of my favorite shots of David by one of my favorite Photographers, Joseph Bleu.

Amazing new shots of David by the great Walter Kurtz.

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 23rd

Just the two short posts today, crazy day here. Will be back to normal tomorrow.
Enjoy your evening all!

The Oscars

I usually half watch the Oscars. I always look forward to them, but usually find them quite boring. Last night I watched with a few friends and really thought they were amazing. The production numbers aside, Hugh Jackman did a great job. I am in the camp of people who loved former winners presenting the acting awards. I felt for the most part Oscar for the first time found a way to get personal.

The highlight of the night for me, and I am sure for many of you was the acceptance speech of screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. I got very emotional, and I am sure I was one of thousands of gay men around the globe who fell in love.