Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 14th

Favorite Birthday Boy for April 14th Adrien Brody

I have always been a fan of the talented Adrien Brody but boy has he gotten hotter over the years! Adrien turns 36 today.

Adrien in 'Love The Hard Way' (2001).

Also Celebrating today April 14th

Also celebrating today April 14th

Rugby's adorable Morgan Souply turns 28 today.

Rugby's Iain Balshaw turns 30 today.

Model Alex Lundquist turns 37 today.

Favorite Photo Series of the Day: Jakub Stefano by Kristopher Kelly

Often when I am researching a model I come across the work of the talented New York based photographer Kristopher Kelly. Kristopher's work has a distinct look that make his photo's instantly recognizable. I was very interested in reading more about Kristopher the person on a recent entry in one of my favorite blogs Beautiful. Check out his post to find out more about Kristopher HERE:

I was taken by some of Kristopher's recent work with fitness model 24 year old Jakub Stefano who is from Czech Republic but now is working in Los Angeles. You can check out Jakub's wonderful blog HERE:

I encourage you to check out Kristopher's site and great blog where you can buy prints of some of his work. I spent quite a bit of time on his blog and I am sure you will too. Check out his site HERE: and his Blog HERE:

More Edilson Nascimento for N2N

N2N always find the hottest guys to model thier products, and getting one of the hottest models alive, Edilson Nascimento on board for thier latest campaign was lucky for us all! Here are some more shots and as always go to N2N for more!.

Classic Playgirl Guy of the Day: Allan Rizzo

Allan Rizzo, Playgirl Magazine (World Cup Hero, August 1994)
Photographs by Doug Cloutier

Even though I have not bought a playgirl in awhile I am still saddened by the loss of this wonderful magazine. I have posted in the past about how important this magazine was during my teen years, as I am sure it was to many readers. If you were a reader at all of Playgirl, I am sure Allan Rizzo is familiar to you. Allan was a favorite and his pics showed up in many ads in the magazine after his feature.