Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 13th

Posting a bit early today as I am away tomorrow for a night!

Favorite Birthday Boys for May 13th

Happy Birthday today, May 13th to:

What a year Hunter Parrish had, he buffed up and got more storyline on Weeds which had the net a buzzing. Add hitting Broadway only made the year brighter. Hunter turns 22 today.

I liked Twilight, but I think I liked Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter better. Something about Twilight which did not live up to the hype for me. Robert turns 23 today.

Favorite Video of the Day: Kerry Degman for Armani Exchange

What else to say but Damn!

Thanks to Towleroad for the video!

Kudos to Regina King

I was just 9 or 10 when 227 hit the airwaves and it was a Saturday night favorite of mine. Jackee got all the attention when the show was on, but the real actress to emerge was was little Brenda played by Regina King. Regina is an amazing actress who has stunned me with her performances in movie after movie, tv show after tv show. Even when she is playing second fiddle to Sandra Bullock or Reese Witherspoon she is always a stand out. It is great to see her back on tv though. Firstly because we can see her talent every week. But secondly Southland has given something to Regina not all of her movies have done, which is to give her a part equal to her talent. Regina shines as Lydia and if you have not checked out Southland yet, give it a shot! I had no interest in the beginning but caught the third episode and am now hooked. Kudos to Regina King!

Just Because: Chris Pine

The buzz on Chris Pine and the new Star Trek movie started long before the movie opened. I was never really a Star Trek guy, I was more into Star Wars, but I have seen all the big screen movies and cannot wait to see this flick. Everything I read thus far, not to mention talking to friends who have gone tells me Pine and company are going to ensure we are discussing Star Trek for many years to come.

Import of the Day: Brett Tucker

Adorable Australian actor Brett Tucker is known to many for his roles on McLeod's Daughters, The Saddle Club and Neighbours. 37 year old Brett is also a singer, and spent time on the stage. His clean cut boy next door look was perfectly captured in his Cleo spread a few years back. Check out more of Brett HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 12th

Favorite Birthday Boys for May 12th

So many favorites celebrating today! Happy Birthday May 12th to:

Charlie Herschel turns 30 today.

Jason Biggs turns 30 today.

Daniel Newman (below in 'Endgame') turns 33 today.

Forbes March turns 36 today.

Mark Foster turns 39 today.

Hardy-Ames Hill turns 39 today.

Emilio Estevez turns 47 today.

Bruce Boxleitner turns 59 today.