Friday, May 22, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 22nd

Beautiful shot by Billy kid entitled Menage a Trois from Bello Mag.

No Birthdays that interested me today!

Picture Request:

I recently caught the Canadian version of 'Stip Search'. Now I know this show is several years old, but I never saw it when it first aired. There is little to nothing on the show on the web except for a bit of info on Bobby Ryan. I really liked Vincent, the landscaper from BC (second from right in the above pic). If anyone has any info or pics of Vincent or capped the show, please drop me a line!

Favorite Face of The Day: Phillip James

Above: Phillip by P James Photography.

23 year old Phillip James is a London based model whose face takes me back to an earlier time. You can just picture Phillip in New York during Fleet Week decades earlier. Beautiful eyes, beautiful face and body. Phillip is also a photographer and you can check out some of his work at his blog HERE:

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 143 lbs
Shoe size: 10
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Experienced

Below Phillip by John McKay.

Next three shots by Sam Scott Schiavo.

Next shot by Gary Holmes.

Last three shots by John Musson.

Favorite Underwear of the Day: David Rich's

All Photos from John Fallon.

Ok, most of you know David Rich. David began as a fitness trainer and then moved into the world of modeling. Some of David's pictures became famous on internet sites and blogs. David also did a shoot for Playgirl which please his many fans. Recently David has combined his passion for fitness and his modeling and his newest project is an underwear line simply called Rich. Rich combines enviormentally friendly fabrics with fashion and comfort. Check out more of David and of Rich underwear at the official Rich underwear site HERE:

Favorite Hunk of the Day: Scott Herman

Above: Scott by Fadil Berisha.

I did a small post on fitness model Scott Herman awhile ago, but since then I have gained more of an appreciation for not only his beauty but his dedication to fitness and healthy living. Some of you might remember Scott from his time on The Real World Brooklyn, but others might know him from his modeling work for Baskit or his work with Bruno Rand, Downeast photo and other talented photographers. Scott has a great site with a focus on fitness, diet and health and also features many photos from Scotts growing portfolio. Check it out HERE:


Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 169 lbs
Shoe size: 10.5
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Experienced

Love the shot of Scott below by Tim Fagon.

Below: Scott in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Next three shots by Bruno Rand.

Thanks to Oh La La Mag for the three shots above (see link at right).

Next 5 shots by George Starr at Downeast Photo.

Next three shots by Jason Jaskot.

Below: Scott for Baskit.