Saturday, July 25, 2009

Model of the Day: Christian Jorgensen

Danish model Christian Jorgensen has the most beautiful eyes, not to mention that great hairy chest. Not often you see a model these days not shaved stem to stern. I also love his hair which you could run your fingers through all day. Check out more of Christian at Select HERE: or at his site HERE:

Height 6,2 - 188
Chest 40 - 101
Waist 32 - 81
Shoes M 9/43 /9.5
Hair Color brown
Eyes green

Soap Hunk of The Day: Daniel Goddard

I posted a couple of weeks ago about Thom Bierdz return to 'The Young And The Restless' and his storyline. I tuned in for a few episodes to watch Thom and Trisha Cast but what really drew me in was actor Daniel Goddard. Someone really should have alerted me to this amazing guy! Talented and Hot! I love an Aussie!

Doing my research I found out Daniel's first professional role was in 1988 on the Australian show 'Home and Away'. Goddard then departed for Hollywood, modeling for Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. He landed the lead role of Dar on the series BeastMaster from 1999 to 2002 and returned to his native country, Australia, to film the series. Goodard took on the role of Cane on 'The Young And The Restless' in 2007. Check out Daniel's official Site HERE:

Next 3 shots from 'Beastmaster' (1999-2002).

Favorite Pic of The Day for July 25th

The Milk Shot
By James Loy

Favorite Hunk of the Day: Jason Shagawat

23 year old realtor and part time model Jason Shagawat from New Jeresy certainly caught my eye! Yes Jason has an amazing body and a great face, but that grin won me over from the get go!

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Shoe size: 12
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: White
Experience: Experienced

Next two shots of Jason by Chris Carroll.

Next 3 shots by Jay W Photos.

Love the work of photographer Michael Hallenbeck who took the last 5 shots.

Big Brother: The Good The Bad and the Ugly!

Well, I am starting to enjoy Big Brother 11, even though Jesse's HOH win this week did nothing for me. I would have liked Laura to stay, my initial impression of her changed a bit in the second week and I think she might have been a strong player.

I decided to look back on my favorite seasons and favorite guys from Big Brother over the last 11 seasons. I have not covered All Stars as it was returning players. Nor did I cover the winter edition #9 as I could not stomach more than a minute of that season.

Big Brother 1:

Although Big Brother 1 was not actioned packed it holds a special place for me. I enjoyed Big Brother in it's more natural state. Although I have loved the later season to varying degree's, some of the so called 'twists' have also ruined many seasons for me. For some reason I was drawn to nutty Karen this season and certainly thought Josh was a cutie. Curtis was my favorite though and Jamie gave me plenty of chuckles.

Overall Rating: 7.5

Below: Josh and Eddie

Below: Curtis, Julie, Eddie and Josh.

Big Brother 2:

This season was all about Will for me. Hardy was hot yes, but his personality drove me nuts. Not really a fan. Bunky was only enjoyable to me when interacting with Kent, other than that he drove me crazy. Mike was one of reality's most unappealing people ever.

Will had it all, brains, game and a chest to die for! Amazing abs. He played them all and let them know he was doing it. His relationship with Nicole was complex, watchable and evil. Legendary stuff in BB2.

Overall Rating: 9.5

Below: Will

Below: Hardy

Big Brother 3:

One of my all time favorite seasons! Got to say the main reason was my love for all things Amy! Amy cracked me up. Such a wonderful character. I loved how she was herself no matter what the others said. She was also so vulnerable and although I enjoyed her and Marcellas during the early part of the season, his cruelty toward her as the season went on began my intense dislike for him.

Jason was adorable, Eric was hot. Roddy was fun to hate (brilliant and evil) and I could not help but like Josh. Even though annoying as anything, Josh's need for approval, especially from Roddy had me feeling for him. Danielle was also fun to watch. Danielle should have won this game hands down. Lisa seems like a nice girl, but her game play was not near that of some others. This season's result began the sequester process for the remaining seasons of Big Brother. If it had been in place this season I don't doubt Danielle would have walked away with the crown.

Overall Rating: 9

Above: Eric and Jason

Below: Roddy

Below: Josh

Big Brother 4:

Big Brother 4...only watched about half the season. Hated almost everyone in that house. Liked Jack and Erica (who I later loathed on All Stars). Also could not help lovin goofy David who was adorable and off his freakin rocker! Nathan was almost good eye candy until he proved to be so weak being led around by Alison. The rest of the guys all turned by stomach and by the time it got down to Jun (who I disliked on the show, but have grown to love since) and Alison I had long turned off.

Overall Rating: 4

Below: David

Below: Justin

Below: Nathan

Big Brother 5:

Certainly one of my favorite seasons! Will Wikle made the season for me with his sharp wit he was one of the most intelligent and watchable people ever on Big Brother. Drew was certainly great eye candy (but not much more). Oh how I loved those twins at the beginning of the season, and oh how I enjoyed the reveal! But..Oh how I hated them once they were in the season together. Those girls were scary! Cowboy drove me crazy, and I was happy he has yet to make the cut for any return. Lots of nudity this season, mostly by Jase who even though I was not a fan of, he did have his moments. His last ditch attempts at remaining in the house were pretty funny!

Overall Rating 8.5

Above: Drew

Below: Drew, Jase and Cowboy streak through the house.

Below: One of Scott's Playgirl Pics

Below: My guy Will!

Big Brother 6:

This was one of my favorite BB seasons, but mostly because I am a disciple of all things Janelle (love that girl!). This season was also one of the most frustrating as my loathing of Eric, Maggie and company made it difficult to watch at time, but watching Janelle and company give it back made it worthwhile. I like Kaysar (although not as much as many) and enjoyed Howie at times. My favorite guy was Michael who left early. Michael was one of the most interesting guys to have appeared on Big Brother, and it might have been good he left early.

Overall Rating: 8

Above James and Howie

Above: James, Michael and Kaysar

Big Brother 8:

Although I like much of this season, I could not get beyond Evil Dick. He is a love em or hate em type of character and although I could see he could be a great guy in real life, his cruelty on the show turned me off the latter part of the season.

I did think Nick was an enjoyable to watch, love his flirting with both the guys and the girls. Mike really was the hottest guy in the house to me, but left so early in the game. As hot as Mike was, he was also as exciting as watching paint dry (except in the competition that put him in speedos).

Overall Rating: 6

Above: Mike and Nick

Above: Nick

Below: Mike

Below: Eric (little weasle in the game!).

Big Brother 10

Overall I enjoyed Big Brother 10. I think for a lot of fans, Brian's early departure was a disappointment. Steven also left early, but he was sort of hit and miss to me. Started out seeming like a great guy, but did not really have much 'game' in him.

Jesse was never my cup of tea, but I could have had Memphis poured all over me. I ended up really liking Dan and was happy with his win.

Overall Rating: 7

Above: Brian and Steven.

Above: Dan

Above: Jesse

Above: Memphis

All time Faves:

In all 11 seasons of Big Brother, my heart still belongs to those guys named Will. Both Will Wikle and Will Kirby remain my favorite BB Guys because they are not only hot, but smart, witty and they both make me laugh. Who are your favorite guys from the past 11 seasons, take my poll at the right. If I did not list your favorite let me know in the comments section.