Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 11th

If you missed my profile of model Guy Tang, check it out HERE: Here is another GREAT shot of Guy by the great Rick Day.

Kudo's to Kathy Griffin

Most people either love or hate Kathy Griffin. I am in the LOVE LOVE LOVE column. Kathy simply makes me laugh longer and louder than most comedians working today. Last night we were treated once again to Kathy filling in for Larry King. She really should fill in every Friday night! Not only was Kathy on with Joan Rivers but also Levi Johnston and some child beauty queens. As hilarious as she and Joan were together, it her interview (well not really an interview as Levi did little but look 'out of it') with Levi that had me in stitches. Taking Levi as her date to the Teen Choice Awards was a stroke of comedy genius. Kudo's Kathy!

Pic Series Of The Day: Leather & Lace by Thomas Synnamon

You all know Thomas Synnamon is a favorite photographer of mine. I have profiled his work many times on the blog. Thomas is known for his fashion and fitness shots, but Thomas also likes to add a little edginess to his work. His latest project, for an upcoming book, Leather and Lace certainly covers all the great E's. Edgy, Erotic, Exhibitionism, and Exciting. Thomas has posted some of the images on his site that I encourage you to check out. Thomas is still looking for more guys with rocking bodies to step into, or out of a bit of leather and lace. Check out more at his official site HERE: