Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Pic(s) of the Day for August 14th

Love these two shots of model Andrew Civinelli by Chris Teel (who I posted about again below).

Blog Readers:
It will just be the pic of the day for Sat and Sun and I am not going to be around much. But... I think I made up for it with enough posts to keep you reading though out the weekend.

Besides Three days of Birthdays before to check out my posts below which include:

-Another shoot by Photographer Chris Teel with the smokin Sergio Hiram.
-Blonde Adonis Justin Zabinski from 301 Model Management.
-Austin Nichols does a Nude Scene!
-I Finally got around to giving Dillon Casey the attention he deserves.
-I am also thrilled to draw attention to a brilliant photographer Don Pollard, who I was introduced to while researching Guy Tang.
-The icing on the cake is another Favorites of Favorites, this time with a current huge favorite of mine Dave August.

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Favorites Of Favorites: Dave August

I am very happy that next up in the Favorites of Favorites is actor, singer, dancer and model Dave August. I first became aware of Dave from watching some scenes from 'Broadway Bares' a few years ago. Again, I was on the hunt to find out more. Yes, Dave has a smokin bod, but...Dave also has one the most amazing grins. You put that together with his talent as an actor, singer and dancer, and you have something pretty special!

Since first seeing Dave, I have seen him pop up all over the place. From 'Naked Boys Singing', 'The Fancy Boys Follies', Pride Events and of course his work with DMK. Some of you might have seen Dave regionally in productions of The Rocky Horror Show as Rocky, and in The Full Monty as Keno. Dave has also appeared on Saturday Night Live, Guiding Light, All My Children and toured the world as the lead singer with Chippendales. If your in New York, Dave is currently showing it all as Window in the Off-Broadway hit 'Naked Boys Singing'. People who have seen Dave in 'Naked Boys Singing' are as impressed with his acting and lilting tenor voice as they are his looks. With all that, the icing on this cake is that whenever I asked anyone about Dave August, the first thing they talked about was what a wonderful human being Dave August is.

Occupation: Singer, actor, dancer, model
Best Known For: Stage Roles and Modeling for DMK
Currently Seen: Off Broadway in 'Naked Boys Singing'
Official Site: None yet but you can find out a bit more about Dave at and The Official Naked Boys Singing Site.

Below: Dave this past July in 'Broadway at Bryant Park'.

1. Favorite Site you check out daily on the net?

Dave August: Facebook. I get in touch with old friends and family overseas.

2. Favorite Meal?

Dave August: Beef Filet Medium Rare with Peppercorn Cream Sauce and French Fries

Below: Dave at Splash for NBS Night (2008)

3. Favorite TV Show?

Dave August: Heroes

4. Favorite TV show guilty pleasure?

Dave August: Paula Deen on Food Network

5. First celebrity Crush?

Dave August: Kim Basinger

Below: Dave in 'Naked Boys Singing'

6. Celebrity you would go on a date with if you could?

Dave August: Paul Walker

7. Favorite Thing to do when home alone for a day?

Dave August: Hang on the couch with my dachshunds and watch movies.

8. Favorite Part of your job?

Davie August: Laughter from the audience

Below: Dave at Pride 09.

Below: Dave at past Pride events.

9. Favorite Project you have been a part of?

Dave August: Broadway Bares. An annual burlesque benefit for Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights Aids

Below: Dave at this years 'Broadway Bares'

10. Favorite Body Part?

Dave August: Lips

Above: Dave with another favorite of mine, Matthew Lewis as The Stepford Boys in 'Ziegfeld's Folly' with comedian Michael Ziegfeld at The Zipper Theater, NYC.

11. Favorite Piece of Clothing you own?

Dave August: Vintage Prada Suit

12. Music that was blaring when you were a kid, when you closed your bedroom, grabbed something as a mike, and pretended to be a rock star.

Dave August: ABBA. Give me a break, I'm European :-)

Below: Dave for DMK photographed by Peter D. Brown.

Thanks Dave!!!

A bit More Todd Hanebrink

Yesterday I posted about model, actor and dancer Todd Hanebrink. Todd let me know today he has an official site that just opened. Check out Todd's site for info, pictures and videos HERE:

'Guy And Dolls' by Don Pollard

One of the reasons I try to research those I post about is that it often leads me to discover a new artist I had not been aware of in the past. That is what happened when I was researching some of the work of Guy Tang. I have posted a couple of times about Guy the last couple of weeks, but his shoots with photographer Don Pollard really stood out to me.

Don says:

"It is extremely important for both the model and photographer to keep up-to-date and dynamic portfolios. The modeling industry is in constant change. Fashion, style, trends, hair, make-up, and attitude determine the current "look" and drive the industry. You must be ready to show your work at all times and it must be trendy.

As a photographer, my product is simply a marketing tool for you the model. My photographs become your visual resume. They will be seen by countless agencies and related organizations and that is why I take such great pride in my work."


Dynamic certainly fits Don's work with Guy. I also find his work provocative, colorful, alive and most of all Erotic as hell! Guy and Don seem to have parallel goals in their work. To produce edgy, memorable images that show how amazingly sexy Asian men can be. Be sure to check out much more of Don's work at his official site HERE: As always you can see more of Guy at his Myspace Page HERE: and his site HERE:

'Guy and Dolls'

Pic Series of the Day: Sergio Hiram by Chris Teel

At the beginning of the month I posted on the colaberation of model Sergio Hiram and photographer Chris Teel. Check out that post HERE: They got together again recently for another shoot and the results are just as amazing. Check out Chris's blog for more of his work HERE:

Just Because: Austin Nichols

Just Because I crushed over Austin Nichols in the creative 'John from Cincinnati' which left the air far too soon. Austin is in a new feature with Billy Bob Thorton, Kim Bassinger, Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke and Jon Foster called 'The Informers'. When I saw these caps, besides do a little happy dance, I had to share.

Import of the Day: Dillon Casey

26 year old Canadian actor Dillon Casey certainly had people talking and watching when played Trevor on MVP last year. MVP just needed a few more people to tune in though as it was cancelled after it's first 10 episodes. The show had some promise, and Dillon certainly was the show's break out star with some interesting storylines. It did not hurt that for some reason whenever he has a towel around his waist, somehow it finds it way off. (This theme thankfully has followed him to 'Being Erica'). Though Dillon may look have all the features of 'just a hunk' he is much more than that. Dillon graduated from McGill University with a bachelors degree in science in 2006 and from the University of Toronto with a master degree in economics in 2007. He also has impressive Theatre credits having taken to the stage in 'Guys and Dolls', 'Exit The Body', 'Aladdin', 'Night At The Rainbow Cafe' and more. Dillon has also worked with Second City in Canada. Quite the accomplished resume for someone so young. Recently Dillon grabbed attention again on CBC's 'Being Erica'. You can check out Dillon's Myspace HERE:

Dillon in 'Being Erica'

Dillon in MVP: