Friday, September 18, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 18th

A little Marcus Patrick for today!

Favorite Birthday Boys for today September 18th

Favorite Birthday Boy James Marsden turns 36 today.

Also Celebrating today September 18th:

Billy Marquart turns 23 today.

Daniel Miagany turns 31 today.

Jalil Lespert turns 33 today.

Travis Schultdt turns 35 today.

Favorite Linguist of the Day: Hannes Ortner

Back in May, one of my favorite blogs, Beautiful, profiled beautiful Austrian Hannes Ortner. Along with the profile were a series of stunning images by Sandro and Maykson. I have been looking to find out more about Hannes since. What struck me most initially, besides his stunning good looks was that Hannes is not just a model, not just someone seeking the spotlight. What struck me was Hannes is a professional linquist with his own online Linguistics-Consulting business. Somehow this made him even hotter! I found his story fascinating, not to mention a bit familiar. Instead of simply copying the work of Beautiful, please check out their great profile of Hannes HERE:

Below: Hannes by Sandro and Maykson
Photographer: Sandro Mantovani
Art Direction: Maykson Ribet
See More of Sandro and Maykson HERE: