Sunday, October 25, 2009

Favorite Pic Of The Day for October 25th

Love the way Hans Fahrmeyer set up this shot of Simon. (See more below).

Happy Birthday Today October 25th to:

Happy Birthday today October 25th to:

Oliver Goodwill turns 27 today.

Josh Henderson turns 28 today.

Markus Pöyhönen turns 31 today.

Dan Wells turns 34 today.

Actor Adam Pascal turns 39 today.

Actor Tom Eplin turns 49 today.

Brian Kerwin turns 60 today. (See my previous post on Brian).

Pic Series of the Day: Simon by Hans Fahrmeyer -Part 2-

Sundays with Hans -Part 7-

You know it is Sunday when I feature the work of photographer Hans Fahrmeyer. As you know Hans has photographed many of the biggest models in the business. Besides the male form, Hans has extensive commerical credits and an impressive portfolio that I encourage you to check out at his site HERE:

Back in August I posted some shots by Hans of the adorable Russian model Simon. I told you there would be more to come and here are some shots not featured in the first post. You can check out the first series featuring Simon HERE: Thanks again to Hans for sharing his amazing work with Favorite Hunks!

Just Because: Nick Youngquest in Attitude

Can't blame Attitude magazine for knowing a good thing when they see it. Aussie Nick Youngquest is becoming more popular world wide than he ever was playing rugby.

Model of The Day: Dane Caroggio

Above: Dane by Ching Chi Photography.

'I love expressing myself through an image, and simultaneously being able to convey what the artist/photographer/designer is trying to get across as well. I enjoy modeling to the fullest - I have been a professional dancer for many years and look at both of these arts as a kind of a performance in a way.'
Dane Caroggio

It was clear from the seeing the first image of 24 year old Dane Caroggio that he was a dancer. The San Francisco has the dancers build and his skill with rhythm and movement help create beautiful images. Besides his great body, Dane has a wonderful face for modeling, able to convey serious intensity and as well can switch to a youthful vulnerability.

Next two shots via Mark Gebhardt.


Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 160 lbs
Shoe size: 11.5
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Some Experience

Below: If you checkc out FH often you might recognize the signiture use of figure by the wonderful photographer Mark Grantham whom I profiled this past July.

Next 5 beautiful shots from Nicky Reyes Photography.

Last two pics from Scott Marrs Photography. Scott has really been doing some very cool and creative stuff lately. Check out his site HERE:

Kudos to Beth Maitland

As many of you know I don't watch soap operas. I don't look down on them (I dare anyone not to get hooked if you watched a few episodes). I simply don't have the time. I do have fond memories of getting home from school in the 80's and watching with my mother. I have written before the shows I remember watching with her were 'Another World', 'Texas' and 'The Young and the Restless'.

Every now and then I make it a point to record 'The Young and the Restless', when an actor from the old days returns. Beth Maitland (Traci) usually pops up a few times a year. The past couple of years Beth has been back a few times for the death of her father and ex husband Brad. She also returned for the fake death of 'Katherine'. You can always count on great work from Beth when she shows up.

Below: Beth with Greg Wrangler (Steve) and Peter Bergman (Jack)

Beth latest turn on Restless ended this week. Traci returned to deal with her daughter becoming brain dead and the decision whether or not to donate her heart to Victor Newman. (I know I know if your not a watcher it sound silly). Beth hit it out of the park with her performance, even when the writing did not match her skills. Beth has never looked like your typical soap actress. She is short, not pencil thin and can act the pants off most of the other actors on 'Restless' or any other show for that matter. Beth won an Emmy for her role back in the 80's.

I used the ff button to watch only her scenes as there were so many actors under 25 whose acting skills left much to be desired. It always amazes me that soap producers have not realized that fans want the characters they love, not a slew of acting challenged teens running around. Beth has always got shafted on her show while the actress who has played her sister (all of them) have remained a staple on the show. (tall, blonde, great looking). Eileen Davidson is a good actress but really is it her acting that keeps her on the show over Maitland?

I appreciate great acting, and Maitland surpassed what you usually see daily on daytime television. Kudos Beth Maitland. As much as the show continues to send you packing, maybe it is a good thing. If you stayed they would turn you into a loony and have you switch or steal someones baby. (Restless seems to like this). So Restless is once again off my record list, at least until Maitland returns in the future.

Below: Beth with Don Diamont during Traci's second marriage to Brad.