Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michael Cardelle in 'House Of Usher'

People either generally love or hate David DeCoteau's movies. For the most part they are one big gay tease disguised as hetro horror. All that changed with 'House of Usher' with a bit of nudity (a bit) and actual gay characters. (unlike the gay characters masquerading as straight in his previous movies). 'House of Usher' may not be the first movie to show the changes in David's work, but it was the first I have seen.

I liked 'House of Usher' more than most of the DeCoteau films I have seen, maybe because of the changes, but also I found the production values and music a bit above many of his previous flicks. I also thought Michael Cardelle was an appealing lead with the story having a bit more meat than usual.

I have always liked David DeCoteau's films though as I like an element of tease. I know many found them frustrating, but throughout the endless crappy scenes would be one scene which was so hot it almost made up for the rest of the film. I also loved that DeCoteau's films are so readily available at blockbuster. I have visions of many guys picking up one of his flicks only to be sitting on the couch with some girl watching the homoerotic vision of David DeCoteau.

Being that I am a huge fan of Poe, I expected little from 'House Of Usher'. Watching the film on it's own, without connecting to the original short story, I found myself enjoying it more than I thought. There was actually a bit of character development with former 'As The World Turns' actor Michael Cardelle playing Victor an old school mate of Roderick Usher (Frank Mentier). Although please note I am not saying this flick was a masterpiece by any means it certainly stands high above some of DeCoteau's earlier films and I would recommend it as long as you know your watching for the eye candy and the white skivvies, not the story.


Favorite Pic of the Day for November 7th

Beautiful shot of Roger by Atila Marquez.

Favorite Birthday Boys for today November 7th

Happy Birthday today November 7th to:

Model Anthony Baldwin who I posted about last week turns 25 today.

Below: Anthony by Cyprien Leym.

Rick Malambri turns 27 today.

Jeremy and Jason London turn 37 today.

Chris Winters turns 39 today.

Christopher Knight hits 52 today.

Actor Todd McKee turns 46 today.

Dirk Shafer turns 47 today.

Be Sure Not To Miss...

Be Sure Not To Miss:

The premiere of Wanda Sykes tonight at 11pm on Fox!

Joshua Delos photographed by Paul Reitz for the latest issue of Bello Magazine.

Just Because: Kevin Wiltz Rewind

Above: Kevin by Will Isaacs.

I have posted about dancer and model Kevin Wiltz a couple of times in the past. Kevin, with Adam NY, is someone I never tire of researching as I find his work and work ethic something to be admired. Ever since first reading about Kevin after seeing some of his early modeling work with Michael Thomas, I have been fascinated by his work.

Earlier this Fall, Kevin walked the runway as part of fashion week (below) and I again took to researching this talented man. I have written before about how some of my favorite shots are of dancers and the photographers who know how to showcase rhythm and movement.

Kevin grew up dancing at The Dance Refinery in Greenwood, Indiana, under the direction of Lynn Herrick. An accomplished dancer and photographer, Kevin has performed in Beijing, China as a part of the World Cultural Dance Exchange Program and with the Dance USA's American Dance Team at the 2004 World Dance Championships in Barcelona, Spain. Most recently Kevin has been with the Louisville Ballet in Kentucky but his dream is to dance in New York. I have not been able to find out if Kevin is dancing yet in New York, but has been living there the past while so if he has not begun yet, it is just a matter of time.

Kevin Wiltz by Thomas Synnamon:

Someone who knows how to photograph movement is Thomas Synnamon. I have also posted about Thomas's work before, but some of my favorite shoots of his are his collaboration with Kevin. Together they create pure magic. Strong, dramatic images which showcase the talents of both men. I never tire of these images.