Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TV Hunk of the Day: Josh Hopkins

Lets see... Cold Case, New York Undercover, Jack & Jill, Ally McBeal, North Shore, Pepper Dennis, Brothers and Sisters, Swingtown...These are but a few of the tv shows which featured Josh Hopkins over the past 12 years or so.

Sometimes an actor must wait until just the right part comes along at just the right moment. I thought Brothers and Sisters was the show, but they let Josh slide. That is ok though, Josh is making a splash now as Cournteney Cox's sexy but thus far rather ambivalent neighbour Grayson on ABC's Cougar Town.

Cougar Town finally gives Josh the opportunity to show off his acting skills, but as well that amazing body (did you catch that stomach this week...) Hopefully soon they will let Josh show off his music abilities as well. I encourage you all to give his songs a listen to on his Myspace page HERE: I liked most of them, but Man Crush had me cracking up. I can just see it being sung on 'Cougar Town'.

Josh on the set of Cougar Town via Oh La La

Below: Josh in Pepper Dennis.

Abs of the Day: Matt Stone by PHOTOSBYJAE

You know DNA Magazine is smart. Usually by the time I get my issue in the mail I have seen most of the magazine already via posters on the net. I cannot complain about it being late as I get my issues in order in a timely fashion. DNA is smart to not label the issue by the month, they simply have a number.

I don't mind though as when issue #112 arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago I got to enjoy the shoot of Matt Stone by PHOTOSBYJAE all over again. Matt has some of the best abs in the business and Jae captured them wonderfully. I know most of you have seen these shots, but like I did when the magazine arrived, enjoy them all over again!

Charlie by Dylan Rosser

If you haven't been to photographer Dylan Rosser's The Male Form lately, maybe Charlie will lure you in! 27 year old Charlie is one of my favorite models that Dylan has shot in awhile. Check out more at The Male Form HERE: