Thursday, November 26, 2009

Photographer Of The Day: Mckenzie James

Above Bryan.

I have posted a few shots by Toronto based photographer Mckenzie James on the blog before. It was not until seeing some of his work with Tim Moxam that I really grew to love his work. On Mckenzie's website it says:

'Mckenzie James is an emerging Canadian Photographer with a passion for editorial photography. Inspired by the classic black and white photographers, he took up photography at the age 14, eventually leading him to study fine art at the Ontario College of Art and Design. He currently lives and works in Toronto, actively participating in the up and coming fashion industry.'

I first saw the work of Mckenzie James when profiling model Derek Allen Watson. At that time I was struck by the emotional punch Mckenzie's work had. In reviewing his blog and website the theme of emotion was present in each of the shots I viewed. Not a 'flat' image in the group. It is always interesting to me that even with the hottest guy on the planet, if the photographer is not able to bring emotion out of them, you can flip through shot after shot without really having to stop and give the work a real look. It is a testament to Mckenzie's work that he insists you view it slowly, taking the time to savor the emotion he brings through in each of the shots.

Mckenzie does not use a lot of props or backdrops to create the emotion, he uses his skill, talent and the ability to bring it out of his subjects. A true artist! I encourage you to spend some checking out more of Mckenzie's work. There were so many amazing shots on his site and blog it was difficult to pick the ones to use for this post. Check out his site HERE: Check out his blog HERE:

Below: Love the shots of Krys.

Mac Adkins.


Wes Wesley.







Tim Moxam by Mckenzie James

Some of my favorite shots by Mckenzie are of model and musician Tim Moxam. Tim has the most wonderful face, with those amazing blue eyes. Tim's look is both modern and classical captured wonderfully by Mckenzie. You can check out a bit more Tim's Portfolio at Norwayne Anderson Model Management HERE:

Tim Moxam

Hieght: 6'1.5
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Chest: 34
Waist: 30.5
Shoe: 11

Below: My favorite shots of Tim by McKenzie.

'The Windowers'
Photographed by Mckenzie James
Styling By Shea Hurley

From 'Late Night in The Bedroom'
'With his supermodel looks and dulcet tones, Toronto based musician Tim Moxam has been breaking hearts across the provinces both solo and with his band Hey Bear, Whoa Bear. After listening to his deeply personal lyrics, listeners are left wanting to know more about the soulful singer, but for now will have to satisfy their yearnings by listening to his album, and if they’re lucky, by catching him performing a live show.'

Full Set - Tim Moxam from Late Night in the Bedroom on Vimeo.

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 26th

Another great shot of Victor Calderon (profiled below) This beautiful image via photographer Paul deDona. Check out his site HERE:

Happy Thanksgiving to all those giving thanks in the US today!

Favorite Click of the Week: Leonardo Corredor by David Vance

I love the work of David Vance! One of the most talented men in so many ways. Not only do I respect his skill I also respect his vision. Besides being sexy, David's work is often inspirational and has a 'feel good' quality I truly love. It also one of the reasons David's work stands out. That quality certainly was the case with his recent work with model and actor Leonardo Corredor. The shots featured on YVYMag are wonderful and certainly my favorite click of the week!

Favorite Guy From the New Star Trek: Chris Hemsworth

Although far from a lover of Star Trek, I really loved the new version. I love most things by J.J. Abrams, and this movie was no exception. Although I looked forward to seeing a little Chris Pine I was pleasantly surprised to see Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. Many of you might know Chris from 'Home and Away' and his brief appearance in Star Trek was one of my favorite sequences in the flick.

Kudos to Heather Morris

You know I love me some Glee! Don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE Brittany! Even though she gets only a few lines per episode, Heather Elizabeth Morris makes the most of them providing some of the shows biggest laughs. Her facial expressions during the show are also worthy of watching. She cracks me up! Hopefully there will be a 'Brittany' themed episode in the future. The is one 'Brittany' with talent!