Sunday, December 6, 2009

Derek Allen Watson By Rick Day

In one of my recent posts about Rick Day I wrote:

'Rick Day is one of the best in the business, but not every model should step in front of his talented lens. I have seen Rick's lens eat up models who do not have goods. I cannot exactly put my finger on what it is, a truth serum, a strength, something that Rick's lens is able to capture.'

Derek Allen Watson has that strength, even though he did not always believe it.

Derek grew up being told by some around him that he was too small and too thin to be a successful model. He proved them wrong. Derek used to dream of standing in front of the lens of someone like Rick Day. He never gave up hope.

Derek says:

'I can vividly remember three years ago being awkward and ugly in college. and looking at his stuff and saying that I would kill to be one of those guys.'

With persistence he IS one of those guys.

I profiled Derek last October (Check out that post HERE). I loved Derek's look in his early work. At that time I described it as erotic yet lonely. Looking at these shots by Rick you can see the growth, not only in Derek's work but in his confidence and strength.

If your like me, and are drawn to Derek's tattoo, it is his name in one of the first forms of written language. "kanji".

Derek, who hails from Ohio is also an actor and has appeared on stage in productions of Witness for the Prosecution, Rumors, Guys and Dolls, The Diary of Anne Frank, and Romeo and Juliet. He also appeared as a lead in the feature film Tomorrow for a Dollar directed by Don Crislip which debuted in New York City in August 2008. Derek is set to make his New York stage debut this week in Lysistrata at the Wings Theatre. The play runs from December 9th through the 20th. You can find out more HERE:

Derek's journey is just beginning. If you want to follow along with him, be sure to join his Facebook Fan Page HERE: or follow him on Twitter HERE: As always check out Ricks site HERE:

The View.... Adam Lambert No!

I am on the fence about the whole Adam Lambert thing. I mean, yes, it is obvious there is a double standard going on, one cannot argue that. In rewatching his performance however, it also was just not that great. The sexual moves might have gone down better if they are not so obviously there simply to shock. Hard to get too up in arms at people being upset when that was clearly the intention.

I question some of Lamberts decisions of late. It seems he has been all over the place in his responses to the issue, from blaming, to apologizing. Neither I think he really needs to do.

So why on earth is Lambert going on 'The View'. Firstly it is an ABC show, but secondly because the women on the view are not really supportive, IMO of gay issues. Portia de Rossi spoke beautifully about gay marriage this past week, but I don't find the women true supporters of gay rights, even with their massive gay following.

Whoopi of course is, and has participated in events to support gay marriage.

Joy, who on the surface appears supportive, uses the issue, like many others just to make a joke. So much so that there are times when she almost seems demeaning to gays. I don't for a second think this intentional, but at the same time her need to 'go for the laugh' often takes priority over an issue.

Elizabeth attempts to look understanding, and I actually think she tries to. Yet, it is clear her views are firmly cemented.

Sherri is certainly the worst. Although she can be funny, when gay issues arise, she can barely hide the disdain in her face when gay issues are discussed. She is condescending and openly judgemental quoting her bible to back her up. She seems to get away with it by reminding us of how many gay friends she has.

Adam would have been better off skipping his pre-taped appearance on The View.

Just Because: Nick Youngquest

Just Because any new shots of Nick Youngquest, must be posted!

Pic Series Of The Day: Joshua Delos by Joe Lally

Joshua Delos from Adam New York by Joe Lally for Visual Tales.

Burn Baby Burn! Search the blog for more of Joshua.

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 6th

Stunning shot by Jean-Philippe Guillemain

Favorite Click of The Week: Kevin McDermott's Blog

Above: Damiano.

Kevin McDermott has always been a favorite photographer of mine. Kevin has done some amazing work with some of my favorite guys, Ryan Daharsh, Bryan David Thomas and Tyler Lough just to name a few. Kevin has a new blog and though it has just begun I encourage you all to give it look. Check out Kevin McDermott Men HERE:

Below: Danny

Below: Keith