Sunday, June 27, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 27th

Great shot of Joshua Hendriks by RobertTaylor.


You can check out last years birthday post including dancer Jason BeitelHERE:

Justin Violini & The Fearless Project

The Fearless Project:“an art and cultural initiative bringing together artists, outsiders, thinkers, musicians, designers, writers, creatives: anyone who has ever had the urge to do something outside of their comfort zone. The project celebrates the bold, the creative, the daring - the fearless in each one of us.”

"Projects within Fearless address the fears within us all — which may or may not include rejection, embarrassment, and surpassing the general boundaries an individual may present. Each individual project releases a powerful thrust to the mind, presenting personal relationships to particular scenarios; a look into realism and of course, fears."

A couple of weeks ago I posted about model and athlete Greg Kelley and his work with the wonderful JoeTickNow (Check that post out HERE:) There is something about Greg that tells me his is going to be big one day. Amazing body, amazing face and most importantly, an amazing attitude.

The other night I had the pleasure of viewing the video below featuring Greg. The video is part of Justin Violini's The Fearless Project. Justin says that the video entitled 'animation/temptation' speaks to how we cope with the things we are denied.

Make sure to find out more about The Fearless Project by checking out the official site HERE: You can also join the Fearless Facebook page to join in on the discussion.

Greg Kelley: Fearless

Photos via Homotography

Just Because: The World Cup

With The World Cup almost at an end I thought I should post about three of my favorite players.

Carlos Bocanegra
Country: United States
Club: Rennes
Position: Defender

USA's steely captain Carlos Bocanegra is an uncompromising centre-back, always willing to put his body on the line for the American cause.

Yoann Gourcuff
Country: France
Club: Bordeaux
Position: Midfielder

After having shown early promise in Lorient’s youth team, Yoann Gourcuff entered Rennes’ academy in 2001, at the same time as his dad Christian was appointed coach of the club.

Country: Brazil
Matches played: 2
Club: Real Madrid
Position: Midfielder

Kaká is firmly established as one of the finest players in the world. With a capacity to glide almost effortlessly past opponents provide defence ...