Sunday, August 8, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 8th

Dave August by Greg Weiner.
(See more below)

Favorite Birthday Boys for today August 8th

Happy Birthday today August 8th to:

Roger Federe turns 29 today.

Michael Urie turns 30 today.

Actor Kohl Sudduth turns 36 today.

Keith Carradine turns 61 today.

The great Dustin Hoffman turns 73 today.

Below: With the late great Rue McClanahan.

Dave August at Paragon Men

If your a regular reader of FH you know one of my favorite guys is the talented Dave August. Dave is not only a great singer, dancer and model he is also one of the kindest as well. (Check out my previous posts on Dave HERE:)What a great surprise this week to find out Dave spent some time recently working with photographer Greg Weiner over at Paragon Men. Greg did an amazing job highlighting Dave's toned and fit dancers body. Be sure to head over to Paragon to check out more of Dave. You can also check out his portfolio at Wilhelmina Models.

Favorite Stage Actor of the Day: Sidney Erik Wright

Thanks to the wonderful Dave August (see post above) I was introduced to actor, model and choreographer Sidney Erik Wright. Sidney performed along with Dave in the 'waterworks' number for this years Broadway Bares. Sidney has a been a part of Broadway Bares for about three years now. When I saw the dark curly headed guy in the background I had to find out more about him.

You all know I love posting on talented stage actors and Sidney Erik Wright certainly fits the bill! With acting credits ranging from 'Evita', 'Oklahoma', 'A Chorus Line', 'West Side Story' and many others, Sidney has hit all the great shows while performing in regional Theatre. Since hitting New York, Sidney has not only performed in Broadway Bares but as well been in 'Fools In Love' and 'SEESAW' and was an associate choreographer for the The Gallery Players production of 'Tommy'.

Two shots above by Jimmi Kilduff.

Sidney has been in numerous tv shows and commercials and is a series regular in the new web series 'In Between Men' (see more below). Originally from Texas, Sidney studied at the CAP 21 Musical Theatre Program along with obtaining a degree from Harvard. While at Harvard, he donned a wig and high heels to perform with Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the nation’s oldest theater troupe. He danced as a member of the Harvard Contemporary Dance Ensemble in its inaugural year. Although dance and choreography appear to be his passion, Sidney can do it all, dance, act and sing. I think we will be seeing much more of Sidney in the future! If you want to get to know more about this talented, not to mention great looking man check out his very extensive website HERE:

Below: Sidney by Cathryn Lynn.

Below: Love the shot below by Chris Ian Garlington.

Below: Sidney by Sidnei Beal III (see more below).

Broadway Bares:

Above: Sidney in last years Click-it.

Below: Sidney in this years Strip-opoly

Above: With Adam Lendermon

Below: Backstage getting ready for 'Watersports'

Here is the wonderful video of excerpts from 'Strip-opoly' posted by the wonderful DavidAsset. There is a bit of 'watersports' here. If anyone has the entire number please shoot me a line!

Below: Sidney in 'In Between Men'.
Photographed by Sidnei Beal III from Clique Photography.

"In Between Men is a sexy, new dramedy about All-American guys who feel caught between two worlds, not truly knowing where to fit in. This groundbreaking series draws attention to masculine, straight appearing gay men who find it difficult to relate to many aspects of the gay community and feel they have more in common with their straight peers"

What an interesting concept for a series! Sidney plays Kyle Leary in this web series which is looking to debut sometimes this fall. I will keep you posted! Check out the official site HERE: and follow on twitter HERE: