Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 21st

Great shot of English singer-songwriter and actor Simon Webbe.

Happy Birthday today September 21st to:

HUGE Birthday list today. Instead of doing all knew Birthday Posts, I am linking to years past for those who are interested.

Happy Birthday today September 21st:

Pablo Echarri(Above).
Eric Michael Cole
Rob Morrow
Diego Martin, Daniel Guzmán, David Wenham & Angus MacFadyen HERE:
Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner, Joseph Mazzello, Paulo Costanzo, The Brewer Twins, Luke Wilson, David Silveria, Alfonso Ribeira, Rob Benedict, David James Elliott, Dave Coulier, Stephen King, Bill Murray and Larry Hagman HERE:

PIONEERS by Rick Day

I try to limit using shots on FH by Rick Day. I do this because as I have said before, Day's work is riddled throughout the blogosphere far too haphazardly. Rick's work is distinct, powerful and to me represents men owing their sexuality.
Because Day's work is everywhere it is far too easy to have it's impact diluted, missing the talent, hard work and passion behind it. Day's studio may be a well oiled machine but that is because Day knows exactly what he wants.

Pioneers is an apt title for Day's second book. Published by international publisher Bruno Gmünder Pioneers takes Day and many of his subjects out of the studio, outdoors, to the sea, into the mountains and on the meadow.

Rick Day is without a doubt a pioneer himself in the art shooting men. When I first got online in the early 90's I was in my late teens. Most of the photos on the net at that time were what I call 'misrepresentations'. I say this because company's like A & F knew that erotic images of men helped sell their product but were still pretending they were advertising to women. They knew of course women were not the main audience that were interested in the photos, catalogs and clothes.

Day was one of a few who changed this by directly targeting the male audience and presenting strong men, sexuality aside, photographed, without pretense for others to enjoy. Women without a doubt love Day's work as well but it is the men, both in front of the camera and who enjoy Day's work who have gained strength and power through his lens. I still struggle with photographers who shoot men, especially naked men and want you to pretend that your looking at a flower or a puppy. With Day the whats and the whys are refreshingly clear.

Choosing Joseph Sayers as the cover model was a great choice. If Day was a pioneer with photography, Sayers certainly was as a model. This one time A & F model has gone through many challenges in the past decade and transformed from someone whose images were controlled by others to taking the reigns of his own career.

Day's book should be available about the first of October and you can pre-order Pioneers at Amazon HERE:

I had hoped to snag an interview with Day one day but one of my favorite sites, BeautifulMag posted an outstanding earlier this month. Check it out HERE:

David Costa for The ES COLLECTION

In April of 2009 I first profiled fitness coach and model David Costa. (See that post HERE:) Since then I have done a few updates on David including his work last fall with Dylan Rosser.

David continues his successful online personal training (check out his site HERE:). David's experience and knowledge has led him to create sports and nutritional programs for children, adults and seniors.

David, and fellow fitness model Rob Riches were shot by photographer Joan Crisol in a Villa in Barcelona for the ES Collection swimwear line.

You can also check out David on Facebook!

Favorite Import Of The Day: Rafael Cardoso

Brazilian actor Rafael Cardoso, born November 17, 1985, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil might be best known for his role in the controversial film 'Do Começo ao Fim' (From Beginning to End, see more below)about a love affair between two brothers.

Rafael began acting as a child and it became the main focus of his studies. His first break came in 1994 in the Spanish comedy series 'Vida de mi vida'. He then went on to appear in movies and on tv, most notably in 'Beleza Pura' in 2008. The release of 'From Beginning To End' last year marks Rafael's first exposure to international audiences. Although the movie got mixed reviews, Rafael's performance was well received and I am sure marks the beginning of a long film career.

From Beginning to End

The premise of last years Brazilian film From Beginning to End was certainly one that could have turned many people off. The story of two brothers who are just a wee bit too close was certainly a risk but one that many people seemed open too.

An interesting trailer, some great performances and a hot cast were enough to get people into the Theatres. Unfortunately after a promising first quarter the movie falls apart, wasting the opportunity as well as risky premise. It seemed like the director was satisfied with simply having the controversial subject in the film rather than actually exploring it.

That being said you cannot deny the appeal of actors Rafael Cardoso and João Gabriel Vasconcellos who makes his film debut in the flick. Hope to see them both more in the future.

Thanks so much to Braxnis for the caps!

Above: Rafael Cardoso & João Gabriel Vasconcellos