Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite Pic of The Day for October 29th

Amazing shot of Bobby Momenteller by Justin Monroe.

Happy Birthday today October 29th to:

Happy Birthday today October 29th to:

Ben Foster turns 30 today.

Brendan Fehr turns 33 today.

Jon Abrahams turns 33 today.

Julio Camejo turns 33 today.

Christopher Wiehl turns 40 today.

Grayson McCouch turns 42 today.

Thumbs Down: NBC KETK in Texas

I have no words, but when I do they will be sent to NBC.
Thanks to Neil for bringing this video to my attention.
It is impossible to believe this was aired in 2010.

Please go HERE: to let NBC Universal you want them to take action to end its affiliation with KETK now.

Just Because:

10/28 San Diego Union-Tribune editorial cartoon by Steve Breen
Thanks to CBEntr for sending it on!

New From Dylan Rosser: Stefano

Stefano is back with another shoot on Dylan Rosser's THE MALE FORM!

Age: 30
Height: 5'11
Where were you born: roma
Where do you live: london
Occupation: actor
Favourite TV shows: china beach
Favourite music/band/artist: soul
Favourite Food: filet mignon
Interests/hobbies: reading, travelling, singing, going to the movies
Goal in life: produce my own movie
How long have you been modelling: 4 years
What you wear in bed: pj's
Your best feature: smile