Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 29th

Image by Michael Puff.

Happy Birthday today December 29th to:

Happy Birthday to one of my first crushes, actor Jude Law turns 38 today!

Also celebrating today David Fumero, Diego Luna, Kevin Weisman, & Jon Voight.


Yeah I know reviews don't mean much, and I also know that the site that reviewed FH gives high praise to almost every site they review. But...I get so few so it was still nice to read kind words about something I put a lot of time and care into. Thanks to GayDemon for the kind words, especially needed as 2010 comes to an end!

"Favorite Hunks & Other Things is a very stylish, hip, urbane and whatever other modern terms apply to a blog which is personal, photographically-rich and model-centered. It pretty much has it all, in other words. Its lush dark background enhances the exceptional photography in bas relief as our eyes are driven ever downwards into the next great batch of photos featuring the world's most gorgeous men. This blog is rather mind-blowing, actually. TyeBriggs brings the professionalism to fashion an exceptional work of magazine/blog art out of his available tools, leaving much of his competition behind. Accessible, rambling and non-conforming, this blog senses our interest then grabs us by the eyeballs. I am utterly taken by the art employed here especially the stunning photography. Then of course, the subjects themselves all call for serious cravings from an adoring audience. Any model featured in this particular blog can feel like he is represented as well as one can even imagine. Man, what a terrific blog, TyeBriggs. This one honestly rocks the socks off the blogging world. And maybe more. This reader is impressed."

Model Search 2011

Have you voted yet?

I know models and their supporters have been voting but FH gets thousands of hits a day so if you are one of those readers who has yet to vote in MODEL SEARCH 2011 why not take a second or two today to cast a vote! (Voting is on the right hand side of the page below the welcome)

Here are some more shots of model Cody Kee.

Check out more of Cody on ModelMayhem HERE:

Don't worry, each of the top 10 will be featured individually before Friday!