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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 20th

Above: Moretti Jr.
Check out more of the incredible shoot below!

Happy Birthday Today January 20th

Happy Birthday today January 20th to:

Model Vincent LaCrocq turns 27 today.

Formerly from 'EastEnders', actor Joe Swash turns 29 today.

Such an adorable scene with George Takei in the UK version of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here'.

Singer from Take That, Gary Barlow turns 40 today.

Skeet Ulrich turns 41 today.

Rainn Wilson turns 45 today.

James Denton turns 48 today.

Lorenzo Lamas turns 53 today.

'Porky's' Wyatt Knight turns 56 today.

Damn You American Idol!

Damn you American Idol!
I loved you for many years but a not long ago we both realized we must part. For the last 3 to 4 seasons we have seen less and less of one another. I often stood you up on Tuesday kept coming back. While working on a presentation for work tomorrow I turned you on. You did something different to yourself, the old, tired weary you I had grown bored of was fresh, new and lured me back in. I found myself interested and actually getting teary eyed over the way you manipulate the edits of your back stories.

I am not sure if my re infatuation will last, it might just be a one time fling with my ex. Once the show gets running, I am not sure I can remain faithful but for now, you have peeked my interest. Only time will tell.

Some highlights:
Robbie Rosen

Tiffany Rios

Travis Orlando

Thermal Energy: Moretti Jr. by Marlen Boro

Thermal energy is generated and measured by heat of any kind. It is caused by the increased activity or velocity of molecules in a substance, which in turn causes temperature to rise accordingly

Energy was the word that came up over and over again when putting together this profile of Marlen Boro's shoot with 20 year old model Moretti Jr. First off, both men used it in their description of working with the other. Secondly I could feel the energy literally bursting from Moretti Jr in each of Marlen's shots.

Moretti's energy stems from, and is channeled into various areas. Fitness has been a part of his life since he was a boy. He has been boxing since he was just a child and bodybuilding from his early teens. The Minnesota native continues to keep fitness a priority. In addition to modeling he works as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Moretti's energy cannot only be seen in his work, it also can be felt.

'I'm motivated, confident, outgoing, professional, respectful and I have a lot of ambition and potential. I'll put 150% into the hard work and make sure I work hard and stay focused.'

Moretti and Marlen have worked together before and Moretti says that working with Marlen is always great and that he is always supportive of Moretti trying new things.

'During the shoot there's no pressure and it's full of positive energy. It's always a blast working with him and he has a great eye for posing and exciting energy I really love.'
Moretti Jr

Last week when I profiled Marlen's work with Dominic(HERE:), some of you might remember I mentioned 'the window'. The window has been a part of many of my favorite shoots of Marlen's. Sadly his shoot with Moretti was one of his last shoots in that location. Marlen made the most of his day with Moretti, and the window, by shooting a variety of concepts. I especially love his series putting the very masculine Moretti in the not so masculine pink hello kitty undies. Very Hot!

'Working with Moretti Jr. is always a pleasure. Always game for whatever ideas I throw at him, Moretti's smile and energy ensure a wonderful shoot. Of course his amazing butt and aversion to clothes don't hurt either.'
Marlen Boro

Marlen was using a lot of glitter in his work the week he shot Moretti. With a magnificant canvas like Moretti's could one go wrong. Of course...the thing about glitter is it is a bitch to remove!

Thermal energy is generated and measured by heat of any kind. It is caused by the increased activity or velocity of molecules in a substance, which in turn causes temperature to rise accordingly

I love each of the incredible images of Moretti by Marlen above. After viewing literally hundreds of shots for this post, for some reason, the shot below caused my temperature to rise the highest.

I am not sure it was my mood or maybe the natural light from the window detailing so beautifully every detail of Moretti's body. It also could have been that even though Moretti is exuding energy, in this case by the movement of his arms, this shot was sending out a different kind of energy to me. It was quieter, softer...yet... as hot as any of the other shots above!

Thanks to Moretti Jr, and to the extraordinary Marlen Boro fro sharing their work with FH!!!

Check out more of Moretti Jr on MM HERE:
Moretti Jr also welcomes you to join his FB Page HERE:

Also if you have not checked out Marlen's site Gentlemen Photography by Marlen Boro head on over now! Even if you have, Marlen has revamped the site with a new look and new material!

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 19th

J. Phoenix by Mark Grantham. (see more below)

Happy Birthday January 19th to:

Happy Birthday today January 19 to:

German decathlete Pascal Behrenbruch turns 26 today.

Luke MacFarlane turns 31 today.

Brazilian actor Thiago Lacerda turns 33 today.