Sunday, March 6, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 6th

Chris Tianssen by Shawa Pablo-chester
(See more below)

Happy Birthday today March 6th to:

Happy Birthday today March 6th to:

Model Albert Reed turns 26 today.

Dutch Footballer Daniel de Ridder turns 27 today. (More Daniel if you search the blog).

FH Favorite Ville Kinos turns 30 today. See more of Ville on FH HERE:, HERE:, HERE: & HERE:

Martin Kove turns 65 today.

Below: Martin in 'Women in Revolt' (1971).

Ben Murphy turns 69 today. (Check out my Blast From the Past post on Ben HERE:).

Chris Tianssen by Pablo-chester

I have been looking to showcase more of the work of model and photographer Shawa Pablo-Chester since I first discovered her work last year with Jihaime Dos Santos (see that post HERE:). It is always a pleasure to find an artist whose work has a unique look and feel. Shawa's work has an energy, a unique European feel that comes through with her use of location, light and color.

Shawa loves the Orient, the place where the sun rises is home to some of the worlds most beautiful men. Shawa loves men from the East and through her talented has created stunning images with Asian models.

One of Shawa's most popular subjects is 28 year old model and actor Chris Tianssen.
Chris has a exquisite look, the combination of French & Asian together Shawa describes as a 'special beauty sweet and sour sauce'. I cannot think of any better description!

Besides modeling and acting, Chris is a personal trainer and coach. Chris describes himself as focused and driven and is working towards establishing himself globally.

'Chris is for me a muse! I like to work with him! He's very sensual and I know he'll gonna be a model star because he's special!'
Shawa Pablo-chester

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Chris Tianssen

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 157 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Green
Skin color: White
Experience: Very Experienced

Below: Shawa with Chris.

21 Jump St. The Complete Series

I can't say I watched much of 21 Jump Street when it was on the air. I do know though that the casting director certainly deserved an Emmy. Bringing together Johnny Depp, Richard Grieco, Michael Bendetti and my favorite, Dustin Nguyen is most certainly award worthy!

Below: Johnny Depp

Most of the male cast has given us a tease of skin over the years but thus far I had not seen too much from Dustin. That is until I recently when the 2005 Cate Blanchett film,Little Fish was brought to my attention.

Below: Richard Grieco

Ok Peter DeLuise, unless I missed it your the only one left to ensure the set is complete!

Below: Michael Bendetti.

Dustin Nguyen in Little Fish (2005)
Thanks to Christoph for the clip.

The Trouble With Jake

There is nothing wrong with Jake Gyllenhaal really He's freakishly good looking, a grin to die, for and is one of my favorite actors. I especially love Jake's early work. The Good Girl and especially Donnie Darko which are two of my favorite films. But... why can't this guy keep a girlfriend?

Long term romances with Kristen Dunst and Reese Witherspoon, a rumored romance with Natalie Portman and a questionable short fling with Taylor Swift (really Taylor you have to slow down). I think many of us were rooting for Jake and Reese, on the surface they appeared a perfect couple. The word perfect might be the problem. Jake is a great actor and except for a mini drama over the promotion of Brokeback, Gyllenhaal has remained pretty much drama free. Although any siting of Jake continues to take my breath away, he is so drama free that even appearances on talk shows and the Oscars last week are, well, kind of boring...

Jake has done such a great job of connecting with the press and keeping his private life private even his break ups from Dunst and Witherspoon were quiet and drama free with issues like 'work pressures' and 'quietly drifted apart' cited as the reasons.

Now I am not suggesting Gyllenhaal pull a Sheen, Hollywood needs its good guys, but it might be nice to maybe just once see a bit of of an edge, a crack in the 'he's such a nice guy' that themes everything written about him. Then again... the time with Swift sort of showed a crack don't you think? Maybe a bigger one than he intended...

Jake in Love And Other Drugs
Thanks to WinterType for the caps!