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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 10th

What an incredible shot!

Happy Birthday today March 10th to:

Happy 40th to Jon Hamm!

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Bottom Line

Who needs a gym....

Just Because: The Warblers

I know my posts about Glee have been a little inconsistent (much like the show itself). On one hand I love the show, on the other it often drives me crazy. This past Tuesdays episode was a good example. While there were moments that were exceptional, much of the rest was really quite bad. Ryan Murphy shows generally bring out this mixed bag of feelings in me. From Popular to Nip/Tuck both shows were a combination of brilliance and crap. This seems to be Murphy's stock and trade.

I am curious to see what becomes of the Warblers. Glee knows it uncovered a star in Darren Criss and he is due to become a regular. What does that mean though for Kurt and the Warblers. It was announced this week there will be a new CD featuring just the music from them. It impossible to think about how to keep Criss, and the rest of the Warblers without either having Kurt remain at Dalton Academy or having the entire group move to McKinley. The show can barely handle the number of cast members they already have (sorry I am also one of those who feels Ashley Fink was an effective day player, but an annoying regular). The Warblers appear to be heading off soon...just not sure for how long.

Although I am glad the Kurt Show took a brief break I cannot be the only fan of Glee looking to see more story lines featuring Mike, Tina and Mercedes? I am even missing Rachel a bit.

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 9th

Anthony F. by Allan Spiers
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Happy Birthday today March 9th to:

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Anthony by Allan Spiers


'In my mind photography is not just the presentation of a beautiful body, but rather the expression of a complex personality. Consequently, my goal is to discover and capture the true person in my images'
Allan Spiers

'This is the reason I am compelled to take pictures – my desire to not only to show how something looked, but how it felt when I took the photograph and captured the moment. I want to convey the spirit and personality of the person from a new and surprising point-of-view'
Allan Spiers

The Internet is full of photos of beautiful people. My goal with FH has always been to get to know more about the talent both in front and behind the lens. Physical attraction is usually what draws you to a particular photo, but, like real life there has to be something behind the photo, the person, to cause you to want to see and learn more.

It was for this reason I instantly connected to the work of Allan Spiers and the philosophy that guides it. My favorite FH profiles are the ones where I discover an interesting, complicated and talented individual behind the shots. Simply posting great shots would mean putting together this blog each day so much easier but it would also not be worth my time.

Born in Peru, Allan Spiers and his family moved to the United States when he was just 13 in search of a better life and a better future. Allan began this search in California but eventually he moved to Florida where he found work as a graphic artist. Success followed and Allan was determined to make his art into a business.

In 1997, Allan founded Digital Fuel Studios, Inc., which is now an internationally recognized graphic design company.

'After years of admiring most of the stock photography used during my career as a graphic artist, I decided to challenge my artistic abilities and began to explore the world of photography. I started my professional photography business in 2001, and I quickly showed the ability to capture my subject's inner beauty and emotion.'

In 2004 Allan moved to Chicago where he continues to reside.

'My passion for photography has flourished, and still today, I feel extremely fortunate to have a career that I absolutely love and am passionate about.'

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