Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday today March 17th to:

Happy 47th to Rob Lowe!

Search the blog for much more on Rob. You can also check out more of Rob along with fellow birthday boys Andrew Ference, Matthew St. Patrick, Gary Sinise, Kurt Russell and Patrick Duffy HERE:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Have a wonderful day to all who celebrate!
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Matthew Smith by Allen Zaki

Photographer Allen Zaki shoots model Matthew Smith. Matthew, who is new to the modeling world is looking good in his Timoteo's!

Check out more of the work of Allen Zaki at his official site HERE: and his blog HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 16th

Above: Chad by Ashland Thomas
See more of Ashland's work below!

Happy Birthday today March 16th to:

Happy Birthday today March 16th to Thomas Rupprath, Alan Tudyk and Franck Comba (pictured above) HERE:

New From Dylan Rosser: Zachary

The newest model to join Dylan Rosser's the Male Form is a familiar face to FH blog readers. The incredible Zachary was a finalist in last years model search contest and came in in the top 5! Check out more (...all) of Zachary at THE MALE FORM HERE:

CIRCUS: The Photograhy of Ashland Thomas

Above: Britney's circus.

When I first saw the work of Orlando's Ashland Thomas It was difficult to narrow down which shots to focus on first. Then I saw Ashland's series from Britney's Spears Circus tour it all became clear. At a three ring circus everywhere you look there are things going on that compete for your attention. Each of the three 'acts' are unique, each require different skill sets and all three offer something different to please the senses. When viewing Ashland's work you also greeted with many different experiences, different talents, different themes competing for your attention.

Above: B52's

When I was younger and pursuing photography I shot my fair share of weddings and pet portraits. At that time I assumed this was part of a rehearsal process to be able to hit the main stage, the center ring, when I would be shooting what I wanted to. Ashland, like most professional photographers demonstrates through talent and passion that whatever your shooting is important and worthy of attention. Ashland's rings are filled with not just beautiful men but beautiful women, head shots, Portraits, Fashion, Commercial, Promos, Stage Productions, Weddings, Performance and Nature & Landscape.

The arts have been a part of Ashland's life since he was a child. Music, sculpture, painting were central to his life.

'By the age of six, Ashland had his first short story published and won his first literary award by the age of nine, had his first original stage show produced by eleven, and composed his first original piece for piano by fourteen. Ashland also began doing SFX and beauty make-up for stage & film at this same time and wrote, directed and produced his first film at sixteen. By the time he was eighteen, Ashland had appeared in over fifty stage, TV, and film productions and operated several entertainment businesses. The arts were always an important part of his life.'
Above: From Ashland's official Website

Below: Rj DiBenedetto

As a young man, immense loss was experienced by Ashland on several occasions. Ashland feels that it was remaining loyal to his art that kept him alive and these unfortunate circumstance and helped fuel his drive and passion.

People may not always like it, may not always understand it, may not always approve of it, but you can't deny his work isn't filled with those elements. "It always feels good to have your work appreciated, or to offer fulfillment to someone else. But my art is for me, my fulfillment. I can just hope that you appreciate the choices I make."

Below: bmak

From that point on Ashland on the move, both in literally and spirtually. Living in Florida, Chicago and traveling and working in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Dublin, Costa Rica, Venice, Moscow, Munich, Africa and South Africa, Ashland eventually settled again back in Florida.

This summer Ashland is traveling yet again, but somewhere a bit closer to home. Ashland is currently working to support his 'Yellowstone Project'.

Ashland plans to 'live in and around Yellowstone National Park in Montana & Wyoming to work on finding spirituality and harmony in nature to better myself as a person and to hopefully spend time capturing amazing photographs of the landscapes and animal life'.

Below: Even Sandbakken

You can check out more of Ashland's work at his official website HERE:
Join Ashland on Facebook HERE:
Also find out more of Ashland's Yellowstone Journey HERE:

Below: Joel Dixon.

Below: Josh Trues

Below: Patrick Bishup.

Next two shots: David Michael Rodriguez

Below: Antonio10