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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 28th

Sean Patrick Davey by Marlen Boro.
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Trial By Fire: Sean Patrick Davey By Marlen Boro

FH has profiled many successful models and artists. Those who check out the blog on a regular basis know I love to spotlight new and up and coming talent. I love to showcase artists whose work is not widely seen on the net. I am not sure however that I have profiled someone during that exact transition time when plane tickets are purchased, bags are packed and hopes and desires are moving from something one thinks and dreams about to something one is actually now living.

These shots of model Sean Patrick Davey by the generous and immensely talented Marlen Boro were taken only about two weeks ago. The shoot was in part, a way of helping prepare Sean for working in New York. Sean was was recently signed with Silver Model Management, and only moved from Minneapolis to 'The Big Apple' a few days after the shoot.

Sean was referred to Marlen Boro through another model that he the was working with. A family crisis prompted Sean to start acting on some long-standing goals -and basically he decided to quit caring what other people thought. Sean decided to start doing professional wrestling, modeling, and wants to try out for this seasons Big Brother.

'Sean's a great sport - and very patient - it's how he's achieved basically anything he's set his mind to. I think people assume that if you're hot, modeling is just a breeze - just stand there and pose. But Sean, for example, needed to work on his facial expressions. Learning to how to make his amazing abs look best for the camera, things like that. So we shots several times with the goal of creating a well-rounded portfolio.'
Marlen Boro

This past Christmas it was clear to Marlen that they had gotten to the point where Sean was ready to submit to agencies. Unfortunately, the first couple were quick to dismiss him.

'This is where Sean's perseverance was key - he was disappointed, but didn't give up. So we researched more and found Silver and some other agencies that were more fitness-focused. Sean sent his shots in and Silver jumped. He went off to NYC for a live audition - and sort of nailed it. They were amazed by his body and looks (hot redheads are in demand), but they were most worried that he was too shy. I think it's a Minnesota thing - being polite and not talking unless you're asked a question.'

'So this last shoot we really pushed Sean's comfort level. Knowing that he was going to be shooting in some really skimpy underwear and also doing some buttshots. And of course he was amazing. With Sean there's definitely this combination of friendship and mentoring. Because I do spend alot of time working with each guy to find his best poses and work on his weak points (whether that's confidence, smiling, holding poses, etc.) there's definitely a mentoring aspect. It's has been great working with Sean, I find inspiration from Sean's dedication and am determined to keep getting better myself.'

The Window: Sean Patrick Davey By Marlen Boro

Sean Patrick Davey By Marlen Boro

For models who step in front of the lens of Marlen Boro, shooting in front of 'the window' is a beautiful prerequisite. You know I love 'the window' and not just because of the natural light it provides. It is also a beautiful symbol for looking both out, and more specifically, looking inward, which is what a great photograph often causes the viewer to do.

Modeling, Wrestling, School....

Sean says pursing each of these goals was a struggle. He had the desire, but fear often got in the way and made him too scared to try. Sean gives Marlen a lot of credit for helping him with building confidence. Sean is a former mixed martial artist but always preferred watching pro wrestling growing up. Sean appreciated the acrobatics and story lines involved. Sean was aware his biggest challenge was his shyness and that he needed to come across as more of an extrovert. It was for this reason he began wrestling with a mask on. Sean felt this would help him with his nerves and would save him from having to show as much expression. This gave him the opportunity to work on his confidence, skills and train at his own comfort level.

Sean says he appreciates the business of wresting even more now that he knows how difficult wrestling can actually be. Sean uses his pro wrestling character to help him come across as more confident, even cocky at times. Using it to help him from being so self spoken. Whatever Sean is doing, it is certainly coming through in his work. In this last shoot with Marlen, Sean not only looks confident, he looks content. Strong, in control and incredibly hot. Ready to take on the excitement, the highs and the lows, and most importantly the challenges that await him in New York.

'Working with Marlen has been great. I have come a long way since October and all of that is credited to him. He was very helpful if giving me pointers to help me develop. We always stayed within my comfort level and that helped me slowly grow. Any one that has the privilege to work with Marlen should take it because they are in great hands and you can learn a lot. He is also a gifted photographer. In all of my first shots people would comment how great of a photographer I have. I met Marlen through a friend of mine and he quickly became more than my photographer. Marlen is a triple threat, he became a mentor, a photographer, and a friend.'

Sean Patrick Davey

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 225 lbs
Chest: 48"
Waist: 34"
Shoe: 12.5
Hair color: Red
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: White
Experience: Experienced

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