Monday, May 23, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 23rd

Epone by Mikel Marton
-See More of Mikel's work below-

The world did not end Saturday but I bet it feels like for those in Joplin Missouri. Thinking of all those suffering today!

Happy Birthday today May 23rd

Above: Model Christian Monzon turns 34 today!

Happy Birthday also today to Eric Nies, Ben Ross and Allan Kayser. Check out previous birthday posts on FH HERE:& HERE:

Kudos to Seth Meyers

Was away Saturday night but just watched the stellar season finale of SNL. Although Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga (not to mention Bill Hader) are getting all the attention I have to give it up to Seth Meyers. Meyer's Really segment lambasting Arnold Schwarzenegger featured the cream of the crop of Arnold slams. Kudos!

Just Because: Chalk Children

Just Because:

The Chalk Children story was some of the most original, creative, hilarious (and frighteningly realistic) writing I have seen on a sit com in years!

Beware the chalk children!


Photography by Mikel Marton
Model: Rey B

Through a haze of delirium
doubles the day-light moon,
like a blinding mirage projecting East,
Hails the nomadic White Witch.

`Darkly dreams, and unsettling cosmic beauty saturates this Montreal-based artist's work.`

You always remember your firsts and Montreal`s Mikel Marton was one of mine. Mikel who is represented by the contemporary art gallery "Envoy" in NYC, was one of the first artists who really inspired my love of storytelling within photography. The `darkly dreams` description sums up why Mikel`s work is so powerful to me. Dreams, the ones that you remember, the dreams that shake you awake at 3a.m and make it difficult to return to sleep, are not generally the ones with cotton candy and puppies.

`His young subjects are brazen as the unbound spirit, only but adorned with an other-wordly phosphorescence.`

What I love so much is how Mikel creates his darkly dreams. Often when artists create fantasy they focus on the making the models look God Like and angelic. The models in Mikel`s visions are very real and ground the story. When we dream we generally remain who we are, it is the dream that surrounds us. Rey B is the perfect centerpiece for Moonlight Knight. His face, his eyes express delirium within the setting Mikel has surrounded him in.

Check out more of Mikel`s work, including his incredible self portraits on his blog HERE: & his new tumblr site HERE: