Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 27th


Happy Birthday today September 27th

Happy 43rd Patrick Muldoon!
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Just Because: Allan Hyde

Transformation is central to each of the characters on True Blood. Going from being alive to being a member of the undead, turning into a animal then back to human form is par for the course. Sadly, actor Allan Hyde transformed himself right off the series when his character Godric left to meet the sun on his own terms.

Hyde has gone through his own transformation, working non stop last year, six days a week, building his muscle mass. Although hot then, Allan is looking pretty incredible these days.

Winner for best treasure trail goes to...

Alan's talent, not to mention his new body is on display in the new web series Alla Salute! Alla Salute features best friends Claudio ( Aleksandar Antonijevic) and Patrik (Hyde). Check out the entire series on YOUTUBE HERE:

Male Beauty Captured by Leigh Carter

Above: Samuel

With all my lists of favorites (photographers, actors, links) I worry some who deserve to be spotlighted get lost now and then. I have a fond place for those photographers who worked on posts with me early on, long before the blog was established and built an audience. Photographer Leigh Carter was one of the artists who worked with FH on several posts as the site developed.

Above: Eros

Revisiting Leigh's site boy:gender last week reminded me what drew me to Leigh's work to begin with. Leigh's work may not have some of the razzel and flash of some of his contemporaries but his skill at capturing some of the UK's hottest men, especially with his black and whites, is undeniable. Leigh's images don't scream at you, they whisper softly and beautifully. When I was profiling Leigh's work with Nick Wolanski his focus on sensuality was how I was best able to put Leigh's work into words.

'What seems to streamline through all of his work is sensuality. Sensuality is, in essence, how in tune you are with your senses. Through Leigh's lens his models all seem be tuned in with their senses and their emotions.'

Check out more of the latest additions to Leigh site; Samual, Eros and Daniel on boy:gender HERE:
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Below: Daniel

Things You should NOT do Naked!

There are many things we can do that much more fun when naked. There are other activities which really do require clothes. In trying to research the idea for this post I was pleasantly surprised to find examples of images all in one place. Playgirls 1973 Man of The Year Greg Wainwright looks great doing almost anything. Although I applaud the creativity of the people behind Greg's layout, beyond the swimming and the running I would love to ask Greg what he was thinking as some these shots were set up.

Skinning dipping and running on the beach yes....
But... with much love to PG this particular shoot cracked me up!

Hanging with your 70's lady (who today must be pretty close to 70...)

Running and playing with your dog... Maybe if you own a lab, but a doberman....those teeth...that penis...too close too close!


Driving a dozer?

Repairing a roof.. What about the tar?


Using an electric saw?