Sunday, January 1, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 2nd

Image from Marlen Boro

I want to thank all of the models and photographers who have worked with me on interviews and features the past 12 months. So many incredible images! Please check out the list (Those who inspire) and visit some of their pages. If I began to name names I would be just rewriting my list but I have to give a special shout out to Marlen Boro. It was one year ago Marlen's work first appeared on FH and about 50 posts later (and hundreds of images) I still get excited seeing each shoot Marlen sends my way. Thanks to Marlen and all the talented artists who have shared their work, and most importantly, their stories with me.

Happy Birthday today January 2nd to:

Model and actor Brandon DeShazer turns 28 today.

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Kudos to The Kennedy Center Honors

Above: The 2012 recipients, Sonny Rollins, Barbara Cook, Yo-Yo Ma, Meryl Streep and Neil Diamond with the Clinton's.

Kudos to The Kennedy Center Honors show. Just finished my DVR recording and start to finish it was an amazing couple of hours of entertainment. Anne Hathaway aside (sorry, she is amazingly talented but annoys me a little) everyone gracing the stage was incredibly talented. I have always loved Yo Yo Ma but learning more about him only deepened my feelings. With all the talent on that stage, I think my favorite performance of the night was Jennifer Nettles singing Neil Diamond's Hello Again. I could listen to her voice, and that version all day.

Model Search 2012: Jeremiah Le

FH & Marlen Boro's Model Search 2012!
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Jeremiah Le

A few words from Jeremiah about himself and why you should give him your vote:

'I believe I bring a new fresh exotic look to male modeling nowadays. I am dedicated, hard working, and sweet. I may have muscles but I am not like all those other vain and arrogant beef cakes. If you were to get to know me, I would surely win your heart and friendship over.'

Jeremiah Le on ModelMayhem

Photos submitted by Jeremiah Le courtesy of TR Pics
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Just Because: For Close to 3 Decades

I have been crushing over Eric Close since I was in high school and first saw him as part of the Walker clan on Santa Barbara. When I recently saw him as Jessica Lange's ill fated (everyone around Constance is doomed) husband Hugo on American Horror Story my crush was reignited.

Santa Barbara (1992)

Close is one of those quiet actors, does not get a huge amount of press, seems respected by his peers, a family man who although has not really had that huge showy and attention seeking part, has worked consistently since he first broke into the business. Close has also racked up a huge fan base and producers know they will follow him in what ever project he chooses to appear in.

McKenna (1994)

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Now & Again (1999/2000)

American Horror Story (2011)