Friday, January 20, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 21st

Parker by Millar Photographics
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Happy Birthday today January 21st to:

Happy Birthday tod Robby Benson who turns 56 today.

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Infectious: Parker by Millar Photographics

Parker Shell by Millar Photographics

I have had my eye on the work of Neil Millar from Millar Photographics for awhile now. Neil's work with model Jerome Davis caught my eye last year and I made a note to get in contact with the artist. When I revisited Neil's portfolio in December his recent work with 21 year model Parker Shell literally jumped off the screen at me.

Parker has to have one of the worlds most infectious grins. His smile lit up each shot and Neil wisely made Parker's smile the focus of many of his images. Although his smile is what initially attracted me to his images, his appeal does not stop there. Parker also has incredible blue eyes and a extremely fit body and looks like he is having a lot fun in front of the camera.

Hailing from Salmon Arm British Columbia, Neil has always been visually surrounded by extraordinary sites. Tourists flock to the city each summer to spend time by engulfed by the area's mountains, lakes and of course, the Salmon River. If you check out Neil's site you will see his passion for photography was often channeled through capturing the scenic sites around him.

Neil has always dreamt of taking his photography to a different and more professional level. Over the past couple of years, Neil's lens has focused less on landscapes and more on people and loves the expressiveness, energy and creativity of working with models.

Expressive is without a doubt the perfect adjective to describe Neil's work with Parker. Neil says working with Parker was extraordinary and that his smile could melt glaciers. I wholehearted agree and can think of no greater compliment.

Check out more of Neil's work on ModelMayhem and his official site HERE:
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New To The Walk Away list: C. Thomas Howell in To Protect & Serve

One of my favorite posts was back in 2008 when I did my motion picture 'Walk-Away' list. Four years later it is time to go back to the vault and update the list with scenes from movies I have seen since the original list.

In the meantime, one of my favorite places to visit, Casperfan's cap site added some of the best caps I have seen of C. Thomas Howell from 1992's To Protect And Serve. C. Thomas should tide you over until I update the list!

The Walk Away...

From August 2008.
The Walk Away: We all love them. It is used in movie after movie. A safe way to get a hot male actor naked. Usually it is an actor getting out of bed, walking across a room. Here are some of my favorites:

What was so shocking about this was, besides the brief frontal of JP was I never thought I would ever see 'Brandon' naked. Jason Priestly in Calender Girl.

I loved Steve Guttenbergs walk away in The Bedroom Window.

Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse

Even though he showed more in a few scenes, this was a favorite scene of Kevin Zegers in Transamerica.

Rob Lowe in YoungBlood

Bonus Walk-Away
Lowe with Kim Cattrall in Masquerade.

Wes Ramsey's cute tushie in Latter Days.

Billy Zane in Dead Calm

Jude Law at his absolute hottest in Wilde.

The Oh so beautiful behind of Ryan Phillipe in 54.

Of course, I have posted versions of this scene many times, it certainly is a classic, Casper Van Dien's glorious backside in Starshipp Troopers