Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 2nd

Stuart Reardon by Pablo-Chester
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Happy Birthday today May 2nd

Sigh....Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson turns 40 today.

Check out more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Captured: Quinn Christopher Jaxon by James Spada

I feel fortunate that I discovered Quinn Christopher Jaxon and his work with Bacchus Stuart last fall. I think I was one of the first, beyond ModelMayhem to profile him. Since then, the model has appeared pretty much everywhere. Quinn, quite simply has an essence, a raw sexuality that hits you deep and hard in each and every image he inhabits. The model, dancer and actor has quickly became a favorite with both photographers and viewers alike. Others have taken notice of Quinn's talents and he has made appearance on book covers, in movies and is featured regularly in Andrew Christian video campaigns.

Besides Bacchus, Quinn has been shot by some of my favorite photographers, some of which are featured on FH. (HERE:) Someone who also took notice early of Quinn's appeal was James Spada. I have profiled the work of Spadaphoto numerous times on the blog, including last month showcasing his work with David. Literary creations are not new for James. In addition to several photo books, James is also a writer and has chronicled the lives of the rich and famous in five celebrity biographies.

'Quinn is great fun to shoot because he's always up and he's witty. I was shooting him from below as he sat in a chair and he had a huge erection. As I took pictures, I said, "Man, that thing's a tower." Quinn looked at me and said, "If you don't hurry up, it'll be a leaning tower."
James Spada

James has captured Quinn's quick rise in his new book simply titled Quinn. The book covers five shoots, the second being I think my favorite, featuring images taken from December of last year through the end of February this year. James captures Quinn from almost every angle and in almost every position you could delightfully imagine him in. Check out an incredible preview of the book HERE:

'It's interesting to see people meeting Quinn or looking at his photographs. They're mesmerized. He is so handsome and has such a great body that it's not surprising. But he also has a charisma that radiates from him and every one of his photos.'

Favorite Click Of The Day: Restituda Is Back In Town

Putting together FH, I rely often on the work of others. I strive to always credit and thanks those work helps pull together posts and want to make sure I send out a special shout out to Wintertype.

I think the first time I used Wintertype's work was back in 2009 with a post on actor Ryan Kwanten. Since then I have used his downloads and caps many times on the blog. The blog contains not just recent scenes from Hollywood movies, but smaller movies and foreign films as well.

The front page of the blog currently contains actors Loïc Corbery and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Go back a few pages and you also find some of the best caps of Michael Fassbender from Shame I have seen. My favorite recent post was of an actor I have been watching for awhile, German actor Jacob Matschenz in Etwas Besseres als den Tod (2011). Be sure to check out so much more on the blog HERE:

Gladiator: Stuart Reardon by Pablo-chester

Stuart Reardon by Pablo-chester

I love featuring the work of the Paris Diva Shawa PABLO-CHESTER. Shawa's work is always strong, colorful, with more than a touch of European elegance. My previous posts included the former model turned photographers work with models Chris Tianssen & Jihaime Dos Santos.

This shoot features rugby star Stuart Reardon who has been making quite a splash in the modeling world this past year. Check out more of Stuart on ModelMayhem & more of his work with Shawa at her official site HERE: