Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 5th

Jake by Fred Guerra
-See more of Fred's work below-

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June on The Male Form!

There are all kinds of great new additions now up on Dylan Rosser's THE MALE FORM! Dylan is now doing large monthly updates and for June he has added a bumper crop of great new photo shoots. One of my favorite models, Bassili (pictured) is back with new images shot in Miami last year. Also added for June is Dylan's new full frontal shoot with Louis, Rafael shot by Ethan James, Yves from Joe McCormick and Pete from new contributor JayBee. Check out all the additions on THE MALE FORM and also look for the June issue of tMf out shortly!

Robin Thicke: State Of Shock

My general annoyance with the father had me not really paying attention to the son. My love for Jennifer Nettles and Kelly Clarkson does have me paying attention however to Duets.

Kelly's State Of Shock duet with Robin Thicke had me looking at Thicke in a whole new light. Loved how he looked in his jeans and how he not so gracefully, yet oh so sexily, made his way around Kelly and the stage.

Fred Guerra: The Bad & The Beautiful


'Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do, whatcha ya gonna do when we come for you....'


Now I am not saying the models Austin's Fred Guerra shoots are all bad boys, but the photographer does have an incredible knack for capturing an element of risk and that spark of sexual danger in the men he shoots. When I first contacted Fred a couple of months ago it was about the image of Jake I used as pic of the day. I love the shot, especially how it was lit. Fred shot Jake ducked taped to the wall, pants down, possibly paying for some past sins... The artists description of the shoot, and the model, certainly helped reinforce the raw carnality I loved that the artist brought out in so many of his images that I loved.


Not all of Fred's work has the 'bad boy' feel, but the artists goal is to bring out something unique in each of the men he shoots. Fred says that he noticed often seeing the same hair, the same clothes and styles in many of the portfolio's of models he saw. His goal when shooting is to give create something new. To bring out something not currently seen, find a different perspective and create some versatility within their portfolio.


Born and raised in Killeen, TX, Fred attended the University of Texas in Austin as an art major. He later dropped out feeling he was more of a commercial artist, and UT didn't have a commercial art program that he felt fit. After 15 years working in publications, Fred returned to UT to enter their new graphic design program. After graduating he became a graphic designer for UT and remained there for close to a decade. Most of Fred's images have an illustrative quality as if being used to tell a story. Others, he reports are in the vein of traditional male "beef cake."


'I try to find glory in the average (and not-so-average) male. Sometimes a model and I will click immediately; other times it takes a few sessions to trust one another. Either way, I try to listen to the model to make sure I'm not crossing any boundaries. It's also important to push a model to accept the challenge of what a client might ask of him. It's almost one of those, "See now, that wasn't so bad" realizations.'


Check out more of the bad side, and the good guys Fred has captured on ModelMayhem HERE:

FrankFrank (above) is a physical trainer with a degree in kinesiology



Just Because: On The Boat!

I think I wrote once before about my experience, make that my fascination, with 1983's A Night In Heaven. I remember walking through video stores (we had a beta machine....) in the late 80's picking out a movie to rent with my family. I always snuck away to enjoy the box for Heaven and fantasize about what scenes I might view if only I was able to rent it. Sadly, there was nothing about the box that interested the rest of my family and it was years later when I finally saw the flick.

My fascination was more with Christopher Atkins, even before I saw any of his movies. I distinctly remember seeing an old copy of People magazine with Atkins on the cover and, like many gay kids across the country, was enthralled with both the blonde and the body. Now when I first fast forwarded my way through Heaven as a kid, my pause button got a workout on his love scene with Lesley Ann Warren which included a brief glimpse of Atkins penis.

As wonderful as that scene was, it was the boat scene, near the end of the film, which I could not quite get my head around, or forget. When Whitney (Robert Logan) figures out the young stripper (Atkins) slept with his wife, he kidnaps him, forces him to strip, and in one film's finest moments of embarrassment nudity, humiliates and scares Ricky (the Rocket) in the middle of a lake.

Now, as appealing and charming as Atkins is, he has never been exactly a master thespian. His line delivery of 'What About My Clothes' is cringe worthy, and makes little sense given what just occurred. Atkins, from Lagoon on, has been cast for his appearance and willingness to show skin. The producers of Heaven decided to get their money's worth and although there was a sex scene and some stripping scenes, it was as if they figured they would come up with just one more reason to get Christopher out of his clothes.

The scene is both unnecessary and yet desperately needed within the film. It is oddly hot, although the fantasy (minus the gun) of having a naked Atkins in front of you, vulnerable and completely powerless, seems an odd choice for a jealous husband. A choice however I am sure the films producers knew would be enjoyed by a large selection of Atkins' fans.

One of the things which always sticks out for me is how Atkins, possibly at the directors urging, only covers his penis very briefly. For most of the scene, Atkins keeps his hands up, and when he covers his body, it is his shivering nipples, ensuring his genitals always remain camera ready and exposed.