Sunday, July 29, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 30th

Image by PhotoGrafixGuy
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Happy Birthday today July 30th

Most television shows that Richard Burgi appears on wisely (as in his Nip/Tuck appearance here) find a way to get the actor out of his clothes. Richard turns 54 today. Check out more of today's birthday's HERE:

Nip/Tuck caps thanks to Superherofan

Breadth: PhotoGrafixGuy

Capturing movement within a still photograph is a theme I have explored many times on FH. The ability to skillfully freeze a body in motion requires a discipline not all artists possess. These shots from PhotoGrafixGuy are magnificent.

Although it was the body shots below which initially drew me to contact the Chicago based photographer, the image above ended up being my favorite. The shots below highlight the results of the intense work connected with being a dancer, the shot above seizes the emotion.

PhotoGrafixGuy on ModelMayhem

Birthday Suit!

Big Brother's Wil Heuser celebrated his 25th year on earth last night getting blasted and streaking through the back year. Nice of Wil to give those watching a gift on his birthday.

Burn Baby Burn.... Marcus

Marcus Patrick has to be one of the hottest men I have featured on FH. Here are some of my favorite shots of Patrick I had been saving, waiting for a reason to post.

4 images above by Steven wms

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