Sunday, November 25, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 25th

Above: Cyborg Man by Ron Rampolla Photo
-See more of the Puke under the make-up below-

Just Because: First Snow!

'I smell Snow!'
Lorelai Gilmore

Sadly I get as giddy as Lorelai at the seasons first snow. Just in from shoveling, not that it really needed it. Barely a dusting really, but I am heading out soon and wanted to enjoy a bit of the winter air.

Brett Gleason: Calculated

I encourage you all to check out the video for Calculated, Brett Gleason's new single from his album The Thawing. I think Calculated is one of my favorite songs from the album, especially it's beginning and opening few bars when the piano begins. It's lyrics and tempo parallel the ticking clock in the video creating an apprehensive and foreboding feel of whats to come. Of course the fact the director has Brett shirtless or in underwear for much of the video doesnt' hurt either. Check out the video on YouTube HERE:

Destruction, available now on iTunes is the first single from Brett's upcoming sophomore EP, The Thawing- now streaming on BandCamp where pre-orders are being taken for the 3-20 release.



The Greeks proposed the existence of five basic elements; fire, air, water, earth and spirit. Of the four physical elements, water is often thought of as the most powerful. The commanding liquid, especially in movement, has the ability to sustain life and just as quickly wash it away. On hot humid summer days, humans flock to beaches and dive into the ocean to cool, refresh and renew. Those on the East Coast of the US recently experienced the destructive power of this same body of water.

Water is the only physical element intrinsically linked to sex and sexuality. We use water before, to prepare. To wash our bodies, our skin, our genitals to be clean, fresh and free from odor to ensure we are presentable to our sexual associates. We use that same aquatic regimen after, as part of the conclusion. To once again clean up, this time not to prepare, but to remove any signs of what just transpired.

No matter what we put our bodies through, no matter how dirty we may become, water can generally make us again clean, at least on he outside.

Photographer Hans Fahrmeyer was born in Hamburg, Germany where he developed both his professional and artistic skills. After leaving Germany, he worked in Paris, Cannes and London. He immigrated to the US in 1979, establishing a studio in the West Village of New York City concentrating on portraits for private clients, agencies and the Performing Arts.

He has successfully combined great technical skill in all aspects of photography (black & white, color and digital) with creative inspiration devoted to presenting the human body as sculpture, concentrating on the interplay of content and light and shadow. He has achieved his own unique quality in the creative art form of capturing both male and female models, concentrating primarily on the male His photographs have been published in International publications including; Time, Newsweek, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Burda, Madame, Connoisseur, Opera Monthly, and Camera & Darkroom.

I have been fortunate to have Hans Fahrmeyer as a regular contributor to FH since 2009. Going back to my first feature with R Pierce water has been a crucial element in the artists work. His three previous books (Colors Of Men, Between Men and Women and Between Men) reflect his development as a photographer. In Water Moves, Fahrmeyer takes the viewer, through beautiful colorful images of the aquatic world of men not just with or in water but interacting with it. His use of body and water mirrors the effect of joining the static to the moving in a still image.

WATER MOVES features Fahrmeyer's signature blend of male beauty and raw sexuality with provocative images featuring many of the men, Santiago Peralta, Roman Sugatov, Phil Fusco, Nick Ayler, Marcel and dozens of others whose images from Hans have become the favorites of many.

If you want to see the entire book you don't have to wait for delivery, WATER MOVES is available from Amazon in a Kindle Edition for just $7.99 and within a minute or two, you too can be wet.

Some info from the forward to WATER MOVES by Richard D. Piper

Puke Nukem: Gorgeous Freak!

'Every day is Halloween in my world'

'Be careful because Puke Nukem is out there enticing all your pleasure, pain, and fear. He could be lurking in every dark shadow, or creeping around making things go bump in the night. Please be warned.'
Gorgeous Freaks Magazine

Yesterday in my profile of model Rev Combs, I explored the theme of commercial vs creative within photography and modeling, and the effect on a model's willingness. or computability, in taking risks within their work. During my research to insure images were credited properly I came across an image of Puke, yes Puke Nukem on ModelMayhem. If the name didn't immediately give it away, there are a few things about the 26 year old model, photographer and makeup artist that set him apart.

Puke has all the qualities for a great model. First off looks, the 6' 5" model has movie star looks, I see many of my favorite actors weaved within his looks and his presentation, maybe most notably Viggo Mortensen and Ryan Gosling. Given the best images tell a story, Puke is more than an actor, he seems to fully inhabit all of the characters the stories being created. Puke has the ability too take on different looks and different personalities with each shoot. In going through his massive collection of images on divantART Puke easily transforms from clean cut Mr. GQ to Patrick Bateman in the blink of a distorted, and occasionally disturbing eye.

Even though Puke seems to be able to morph from one character to another, it is clear that each of the men he is portraying is actually a part of who he is, his own personality and self. Puke, the model and photographer, is on one hand creating the bloody and the violent and on the other, the spiritual and organic. An Artist. A Satanist yes, but also an athlete who loves skateboarding, surfing and spear fishing.

'Sex without fear and pain is like food without taste.'

I think photography and art without fear and pain can often be tasteless and bland as well. When exposing, either one's body, soul or ideas, there should be a degree of trepidation or why else bother. I felt a small degree of this trepidation when choosing images for this piece. I didn't want to play it too safe, yet wanted to ensure the images I choose covered the breadth of Puke's work. In the end, the risk was minimal when I chose some of my favorites. The more time I spent with his work, the more I don't think he Puke is that much different than most of the models I profile. He produces images that in some way make me stop and take notice.

Puke was the cover model for last months Issue 11 'Halloween Edition' of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine, you can check out more HERE: The text below is from Puke's bio from this edition:

Puke Nukem

Matt Slentz aka Puke Nukem is an American model, photographer, and athlete. He is a beach rat that is always moving around shooting and shredding all over from Hawaii to Florida to New York City. As an athlete surfing and skateboarding has been on a board for the last 15 years and surfing the heaviest surf in the world of north shore Oahu for five of those years. He has had sponsorship contracts from companies including Spy, GoPro, Freestyle, Globe, and Ipath. Starting with modeling in the promotional and erotic world has turned more artistic, and creative with it in the last years. When he is not doing any of these things you can usually find him fishing, playing video games, kicking in heads at the punk rock show, or taking in sweet rays on the beach.

Puke is the model that men want to be and women want to be with. His modeling has stretched from erotic, fetish, Gothic, horror, fashion, and pinup styles. Attending fetishcon for the last couple years as a model has been quite the experience into the depths and debauchery as modeling goes, but loves the vanilla side to things as well with casual beauty as a hunk. “Every day is Halloween in my world”.

You can read the rest of the article on Puke's ModelMayhem Page HERE:
Check out his work as a photographer on ModelMayhem HERE: & his work as both a model and photographer on divantART HERE: